Ballance Resurrection is a 3D physics platformer that tasks you with guiding your ball towards the end of the level safely. Collect all the orbs along the way and traverse through tricky obstacles and solve physics-based puzzles. Have you played any of the Marble Madness games? If so, then you’ll quickly get the hang of this game! Ballance Resurrection is easy to play but hard to master, so we’ll help you out with our Ballance Resurrection cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

You only have five lives to travel through the levels safely, so we’ll assist you with the ultimate Ballance Resurrection cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.


1. Change the control scheme to your liking!

By default, you control your ball by tilting your iDevice in the direction you want it to go. Now, if you’ve been following my guides for a while, I tend to suggest switching to touch controls for better accuracy, but I’ve found that the tilt controls actually work pretty well for this game. Fine tuning is really easy to do with tilt controls, but as always, this ultimately depends on the player. In the options menu you can switch between touch and tilt controls. Try both and see which works the best for you!

2. Collect all the orbs!

In order to receive 3 stars on a level, you need to minimize losing lives and collect all of the glowing orbs. Some of them are hidden, while most of them are sitting around in plain sight. Grab all of them, and keep an eye out for the ones that might be nestled away somewhere!

3. Something blocking your view? Switch up the camera!

Regardless of whatever control scheme you choose, there will be two directional buttons at the bottom left corner of the screen. These buttons rotate the camera in the corresponding direction. There will be times where your default view will be obstructed by a path or something, so feel free to rotate the camera to see where you’re going! This is also useful for scanning the environment to check what’s coming up.

4. Change ball forms when necessary!

As early as level 1, sometimes you’ll see silver circles on the ground with a bearded man engraved in them. If you roll over these, your ball will be transformed into a different material. This will let you solve some puzzles. For example, the one you see in level 1 turns your wooden ball into a stone ball. The stone ball can’t move that fast or travel uphill, but it can knock down the heavier boxes that are blocking your way! Be sure to switch back to wood form when you’re finished.

5. Stuck? Examine your environment!

You need to do some environment manipulating to get across some zones safely. For example, in level 2 there is a small gap between two platforms. In order to cross it, you need to push a crate into the gap to roll over it. If you find yourself stuck, be sure to look around you with a close eye; you might find see something you didn’t before!

6. Patience is key, take your time!

Remember: keep a cool head on when you play this game! This is a very strict physics game, so precision and careful movement are key to winning. You are not timed on anything, so take it nice and slow. Roll with careful confidence. Getting hasty and rushing will only lead to a quick life lost.

That last tip is probably the most important piece of advice we can give to you for this game. Just remember: slow and steady wins the race! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave us a comment below! Until next time!




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