Achieve complete global saturation in Bacterial Takeover, the nastiest idle clicker game we’ve ever played! It’s time to takeover the universe, and we’ll go planet by planet utilize our highly advanced bacteria. We’re going to need to billions of bacteria to takeover these planets, so our Bacterial Takeover cheats and tips will show you how to really start up those strains!

There’s lots of different ways to maximize your bacteria, so let’s get started with our Bacterial Takeover cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Decide how you want to play: actively or passively!

Like most other idle clicker games, you can play them two different ways, and those two ways are right in the genre’s name! You can sit by idly and let all of your passive upgrades do the work, or you can take the offensive by upgrading your active clicking potential. You can also do an even mixture of both, but if you specialize in one way you’ll get more bacteria faster.

If you want to play actively – and that’s by tapping on your screen like crazy – be sure to grab the Bacteria Gun colonies. This colony improves your BPC, or Bacteria Per Click. There are also Gene Strand upgrades that improve your BPC as well, so invest in those.

If you want to play passively – and that’s by sitting by and watching the world crumble at your automated bacteria facilities – be sure to buy ALL of the different colonies. Colonies improve your BPS, or Bacteria Per Second. This playstyle is better suited for those on the go, as you can upgrade a bunch of colonies, close the game, and come back to reap your rewards later.

Choose your Gene Strands wisely!

After taking over a planet, you’ll lose ALL of your colonies and any Bacteria upgrades. However, you’ll receive precious Gene Strands in return. A single Gene Strand provides a 1% boost to your total BPS generation. You can choose to simply hang onto them for the passive boost, or you can spend them on Gene Strand upgrades. These upgrades are substantial and give you potentially bigger boosts, so choose wisely.

Of course, you can always sell Gene Strand upgrades to get the strands back, but beware – the ratio not always 1:1, so you may lose a couple strands in the process. With that said, you should carefully consider which upgrades will help you the most.

Choose Bacteria Evolution based on your playstyle!

Special types of bacteria can be found and researched through the Bacteria Evolution menu. You’ll only have one scientist for a while, so you’ll need to choose your research method wisely. Basically it goes like this: the methods that have higher chances of discovery take the longest. The Gene Transfer, the first method, takes only 15 minutes but has a 5% chance of finding a new evolution.

The DNA Amplification however takes a full day but has a 75% chance of finding a new evolution. If you’re an active player and open the game a lot, you may want to opt for the shorter but riskier methods. If you leave the game for extended periods of time, then it’s safe to say you should go for the safer but slower methods.

Watch ads to get diamonds!

If you want to get by without spending a dime on the game, we recommend you take some time to watch the advertisements. Watching an ad will net you 5 free diamonds, and considering an extra scientist costs 50 diamonds, you’re going to have to do this for a while! It’s worth it though – extra scientists unlock the better evolution research methods.

That’s all for Bacterial Takeover. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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  3. I’ve been playing this game since January and am looking for hints on how to maximize my strategy. Sure, this website gives some introductory information, but does it warrant the hostility of your reviews? Why not just post that there are more informative websites for higher level hints? What`s really sad about the internet is the level of hostile anonymity that it protects. Don’t bother writing something vicious in response to this. It will just prove my point.


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