Backpacker is a brand new trivial mobile game with bits of simulation and adventure, designed specifically for those who love travel and playing games. It’s a game that beautifully mixes the rather dull trivia genre with great graphics and adventure mechanics, resulting in a fresh, unique experience that you can’t help but fall in love with. And we’re here to help make it better by sharing a bunch of Backpacker cheats & tips to help you answer all questions, complete all missions and travel the world.

It’s not going to be an easy job since in most cases you will have to be pretty knowledgeable yourself… but let’s see how we can help! So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out some Backpacker tips and tricks for this great mobile game!

Sleep in hotels
In this game, energy does not refill over time, but you can refill it by spending the money you have earned answering questions by sleeping. You get the best possible deal by sleeping in hotels (as opposed to the street) and you should always try to sleep in the best possible hotel because you get the most energy for the dollars spent and there is no risk of you getting robbed. So always go for hotels, even though that costs a bit of money.

What to do it you have no more money and no energy?
In the very unlikely event that this happens, you can try sleeping outside as this is free and still gives you some extra energy. You can also wait for one day to pass so that you can collect your daily bonus or maybe complete some achievements. But in this case, it’s usually the outside sleeping that has to be done. Just make sure you don’t do that too often (or buy protection if you do!)

Upgrade the bonus for jobs
In your backpack, you have a wallet. You can upgrade that wallet and it will increase the bonus you’re getting when completing jobs. This should be done as soon as possible because the longer you have the bonus, the more money you will make in the long run. Also keep an eye on all items you will or might find while playing as some can be upgraded to give you additional goodies.

Jobs offer more rewards than local questions (if you answer correctly)
The best way to make money is to apply for jobs in the newspaper. The job title gives you hints about the type of questions you will get and you should always go for the areas you are most knowledgeable about. Try to answer as many questions as possible because this is where most of the money is being made. Just make sure you don’t waste your energy on jobs you can’t complete!

Some of the jobs are not trivia questions, but minigames. They are varied and really fun otherwise and usually easy to complete. It’s not always obvious which of the job postings are a minigame, but there’s always one there. Make sure to play them as they are usually extremely easy to complete and they can generate large amounts of money.

Complete missions
In your passport, you can complete missions in order to progress through the game and unlock more areas to visit. You also have milestones that you can access by tapping the arrow in the lower right corner – keep an eye on those and play in such a way that you complete them ASAP

Stay as much as possible in a city
Once you get to a city, make sure you spend a reasonable amount of time there, completing as many missions as possible because it costs money to travel and some ticket prices are extremely expensive. That is why it’s a good idea to try and max out a city before moving on. Also, when moving on, check out the various transportation options. Sometimes you can get to a particular city by different means and some are cheaper than others (even though they take more time – just like in real life).

Unlock keys/chests
Chests are really great items to work on unlocking and you should focus your attention on getting them unlocked as fast as possible in order to begin the waiting time until you get the next one. You get keys from answering city questions, but also from completing jobs, so there are a lot of ways for you to work your way up to unlocking them.

Buy items in the information office for boosts
Go to the tourist center and check out the items they have on sale (tap around until you get the menu). The items there are expensive, but have great effects that help you a lot in the long run. It took me a while to discover the shop there and the awesome items, and I realised that I lost a lot by not getting them sooner.

Google for answers
If you play the game when you are in front of a laptop or computer and you are really fast at typing, you can cheat a little bit and google the answers. You have to be extremely fast though and it doesn’t work for all questions, but it does for some. When googling, try to use as few words as possible and look for the answer in the results page, without going to actual websites (because there is not enough time for that). It’s a close call in most cases, but I managed to get many correct answers by using this technique (not to call it a cheat, heh).

These would be for now our tips and tricks for fellow Backpacker mobile game players. Do you have other strategies or recommendations? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. Hey they’ve just released a new update where there’s achievements to “own all the unique souvenir items” of various cities and I cannot find the last one in Mexico City. I wish I had a list or something :/

    • If you visit the gift shop on two or three consecutive nights, there will often be different merchandise for sale. Be patient; it will show up at some point.

  2. If you have already installed this game, I recommend NOT accepting the update. Prior to the update the game worked smoothly and was ad free. Post the update there are frequent lengthy adverts unless you pay to make it ad free. The game is also loads slower at loading and hangs/glitches periodically. I think that there might also be extra clutter on the right side of the screen, which impedes visibility and access to the question buttons (at least in Dubai, where I am at the moment)

    • I found this out today… Should have left it alone but I decided to take the update. Something happened and now I lost it all. Now I have to start all over again. ☹️

  3. I am in Moscow. I have a task that says, “sold the franc coin from Paris in the gift shop.”. I don’t have a coin and when I was in Paris I bought a hat with a wig and as a task. Has anyone had this issue? I don’t know what to do here.

  4. How to tell the difference between trivia jobs and mini game jobs:
    Look at the symbol under the ad in the paper – Trivia jobs have a American-style graduation hat and mini game jobs have a Yellowstones worker’s safety helmet.

    Tips to completing souvenir-tasks in each city:
    Look the attaction up on wikipedia, and try to remember as many facts as you can; That’s where the developers get their info (sometimes they have copied the Wikipedia entry verbatum).
    Typically they usually focus on number facts – like years, how high, how wide, how many – and on names of course. But not entirely – there are always facts, that you didn’t read on Wikipedia.
    You need tickets for the souvenir questions, so get the better guitars as early as possible, and log on whwnever you can with the hour-intervals to collect tickets; Even if you haven’t got time to play. Just log in and collect the tickets.

    While it is true, that the jobs pay the most coins, the city-questions will earn you 50 coins a piece for a correct answer. A question will typically drain 10 points of energy, so get most right, and you will at least have earned enough for the hotel. Don’t waste tickets on a new newspaper.

    Some city quests will be to spend X nights on the street. Make sure you have pepper spray (buy when clicking on the street button), so you can keep your wallet.

  5. I want to know how to earn more tickets. I’m at a point where I have no tickets which you need to get into a site. I don’t want to spend actual money on tickets. Any ideas anyone?

    • Your guitar will automatically earn you tickets at certain intervals. Upgrade it with coins as soon as possible and you can earn up to 3 tickets every two hours.

  6. Play consecutively. Day 7 reward gives you $3000 and 5 tickets.
    Also log in often to get the scratch tickets under the free items. You can win tickets, cash, pepper spray, energy drinks, and a few other things.

  7. Backpacker FB gave me this info: In the globe view you can see in wich cities you have characters left to help. If you only see one character on the globe, then you have an active mission and thats the character waiting for you.

  8. I am wondering if there is a list of what to buy in what city and where to sell it without checking every city.

    I’m afraid to sell any thing at this point .

  9. Ok. Anyone out there making their diplomas but not recieving them. I must have won over 10 of them but didn’t recieve them. I have wrote my complaint to an email twice now and haven’t heard back from them. Every time I didn’t recieve these diplomas I took a snapshot of them to proof I won them. Frustrated gamer!!

    • Yes, me too! I asked at FB forum and they told med it’s because of bad WiFi connection!!! ???? That’s not correct for me anyway. I’m close to the connection and still don’t get the diplomas. Very frustrating.

  10. Finished all country’s . Do not know what to do now? I see achievements to do but who wants to do all that! Asking you to spend way too much money! Can I start the game all over? Really like it but is confusing from time to time as other have previously mentioned!

    • Probably writing this too late but the tickets at the stations change every day so answer a few questions and hotel it then go back and you will probably see your destination

  11. When does it end? I`ve finished all the cities and got 215 of 215 cities stars….but nothing new is happening, and no more cities to explore.
    What do I do?

  12. Am I out of luck if I sold something before I should have. I need the rice bowl from Bangkok but I already sold it. Now it need it in New Delhi. I went back to Bangkok to see if I could buy another one but no such luck.

  13. I am having the same problem, I finish my jobs and I do not get the diploma. I have written to them 3 times and they tell me it is a WiFi connection but I checked it and it is not. They tell me I am the only one this is happening to but now I know better. What can we do to make them correct this problem?

  14. It says I need 285 tickets to get to Hong Kong from New York. Will that ever turn into a cash amount coz i am never going to get that many tickets and been stuck on it for ages. Do you have to do them in the order they suggest? ie. The favours for the people?

  15. I’m trying to travel to Las Vegas. And now I’m stuck at the world page, just an arrow to go back and forth and two buttons on the side. What am I to do here?

  16. It says I need 285 tickets to get to Hong Kong from ny. Will that ever develop into a coins amount coz i am by no means going to get that many tickets and been stuck on it for a while. Do you need to do them in the order they endorse? ie. The favours for the human beings?

  17. Has anyone found a way to see the traffic patterns? Some times I don’t have a mode of transportation from my location to were I need to go. If I knew what went from where to where I would know if I needed to fly back to London, Paris or New York??? Wouldn’t that be helpful? Maybe my old travel agent days are kicking in!

  18. I sold the knife from buenos aires and now that’s the task for Johannesburg! What should I do? Can I get it back? I think i sold it in Honolulu but now the knife isn’t in the gift shop when I came back. Helpppp

  19. How do you use the bus tickets? I keep buying tickets to move on but it won’t actually let me go anywhere? After the time has ran out it just starts up again?

  20. I already have the premium vip card that give me 5% on the price for all travel, but there is some cards in the tourist store only for bus or flight, etc… Is the discount are cumulative?

  21. I just finished Livingstone in zambia and the person who am supposed to help wont tell ms where to go she keeps saying come back another day!
    What the hell do I do now ?

  22. Hi.
    I just finished Livingstone in Zambia and the person who am supposed to help, Dalia, wont tell me where to go. She keeps saying come back another day!
    Anyone else had this problem and found a way to fix this?

  23. To succeed in jobs I found a “cheat”. I pick the answer I think and once the game reveals which one is correct, I quickly take a screen shot. I then go write down key words and the answers for those questions for the different jobs. As questions change, you might need to do this a couple time before succeeding, but it helps a lot.

  24. I’ve been trying to complete the Christmas daily missions but the game keeps freezing! Is there any way I can complete the mission on the following day if the problem persists and is there anything I can do to fix the problem?

  25. I have not been able to complete the second task in Gothenburg, Liseberg, despite 4 tries. The questions are so peculiar and really doesn’t give the best impression of this fine amusement park. You have to know what attractions have been in one place years ago and what was in the cellar below this and that attraction. I think Liseberg should change the questions or send me the answers.


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