Backpack Hero Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks


Backpack Hero is a brand new tactical dungeon crawler RPG that’s based around inventory management and strategic turn-based tactics. And although shuffling inventory and management items is often a small part of many games, that is the main focus in Backpack Hero.

Deciding on what items to keep, toss or even where to put them greatly impacts the gameplay of Backpack Hero. It’s not merely a game about what players carry about and whether it fits into their backpack. So in this article, we’ll be taking you through some Backpack Hero beginner guide: tips and tricks.

Backpack Hero Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks

The gameplay in Backpack Hero sees you collect rare items, organize your inventory and try to defeat enemies. Dungeon levels are randomly generated in aspects such as layouts, challenges and events. When not exploring, you can utilize collected resources to upgrade your town, rescue animals and restore the world.

So if you’re just starting off with Backpack Hero, here are some beginner guide: tips and tricks to help you out.

Always Collect Gold

The main in-game currency in Backpack Hero is gold and is usually rewarded to players at the end of every battle or event. Players can also get gold by selling items. And although gold can be used to purchase items from merchants, players should always save some gold on their player.

This is because gold is needed for certain events and even for activating some items. You wouldn’t want to miss out on opportunities because you spent all your gold and forgot to save some.

Using Turns To Your Advantage


When turn-based combat is underway, you can attack multiple times, block and heal during a single one of your turns, but the order in which a player does these moves matter. So be sure to plan your turns accordingly and carefully consider the order in which you use them. Also, bear in mind that mana does not regenerate at the end of a player’s turn.

Strategically Unlock Backpack Slots

Unlike other similar roguelike games, the hero in this game does not gain levels. Rather, their back power grows and that’s what makes them much more powerful as they progress. Your experience from killing monsters can be used to expand your backpack, allowing you to carry more loot and build on synergies.

Organize Items For Synergy


Items in Backpack Hero do many different things based on where you place them in your backpack. A lot of items have synergies that make or break whether they’re worth keeping. Nearly every item interacts with other items or with where they are placed in the backpack. Depending on the interaction, this can be both beneficial and detrimental.

Prepare for Death


Players should expect to die over and over again in Backpack Hero, it’s a roguelike game after all. But it’s not so bad in this game, do not feel discouraged. A player’s death is an opportunity for them to try out different play styles, build and even learn the gameplay mechanics better.

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Backpack Hero Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks


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