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AxE: Alliance vs Empire Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All The Battles

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to cover the AxE: Alliance vs Empire tips and cheats that are going to help you get a better understanding of the game overall, but also to make you more powerful and help you win all the battles.

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If you like playing RPGs on the PC, then I have to tell you that this game has such amazing graphics you wouldn’t even believe it to be a mobile game! While there are many other games that are pretty good on mobile, this one doesn’t seem to be laggy or anything like that whatsoever! 

We are going to help you choose a side, join a faction and start playing the game your own way! So, let’s not waste another second and dive right into our AxE: Alliance vs Empire tips and tricks!

Choose the starting Faction well!

When you are first starting the game you will have to pick one of the two sides: Alliance or Empire! Each one of the two sides will have 3 Factions that have their own unique play style and set of abilities. 

While the Alliance practitioners claim to live life their own way, without dictation from the gods and whatnot, the Empire adepts are trying to “restore order to the world”. The game’s recommendation is that you go with the Holy Darkhaan Empire (or simply put – the Empire), but you are free to make your own choice.

Galanos Alliance

Archer – Their Passive skill relies on supportive play mostly, while the attacks are single target based and quite strong. (Passive is like the Valkyrie’s)

Titan – Their Passive skill relies on crowd control and debuffs applied to the enemies, while his skills are pretty much devastating in terms of damage. (Passive is like the Warrior’s)

Blademaster – Their Passive skill debuffs enemies’ ATK or DEF, and that’s pretty much it! As for their actual skills, they rely on a lot of DPS and raw damage. (Passive is like the Mage’s)

Holy Darkhaan Empire

Valkyrie – Their Passive skill is focused on Healing the party members, while the active skills are pretty DPS based. (Passive is like the Archer’s)

Warrior – Their Passive skill is pretty crowd control and debuff focused, while the active skills are OK damage wise. (Passive is like the Titan’s)

Mage – Their Passive skill debuffs enemies’ ATK and DEF, and their active skills rely on a ton of elemental damage. (Passive is like the Blademaster’s)

At the moment the game is recommending the Empire and if you do decide to go for one of the factions attributed to the Empire, you will receive an extra 50k Gold as reward. If you want some extra money in your bag, then go with this! 

I chose to go with the Blademaster as that fits my play style the most, but it was tough choosing between the Mage and Blademaster. Either way, if you have a pretty supportive play style, and you want to be the Healer of the team, then go for Valkyrie / Archer. 

If you want to be the “tank” of the team, then Warrior/Titan is for you, depending on the side you choose. Eventually, for those who want to rely purely on damage input (DPS) then the Mage/Blademaster will do you good. 

It all depends on what role you seek to fulfill, as any faction will be good in terms of questing and completing the easy objectives needed for casual PvE and such. For the PvP, of course, the Warrior/Titan is going to be quite good since it can be quite tanky, and if geared up well, they can also input a ton of damage.

Extra tip: Don’t forget that you can create multiple characters! So you can try out both sides (Alliance and Empire) by simply tapping the badge at the top left of the screen when you are in the Character Selection menu. 

You will not lose the characters (unless you Delete them), but they are in each of their specific Faction menu, so you will not see them all in one list.

Follow the quest wherever it takes you

This will not be hard at all! In order to level up and get to a decent level, all you have to do is keep on doing the recommended quests. The game has an Auto button, so make sure you have it turned on.

This is going to auto-route you to the quest locations, to the objectives, etc. Just pay attention to the screen and the occasional pop ups, and you’re good. It will take a little time for you to get through the early levels, but with patience you will get there.

I suggest that you just focus on doing these main quests for start, because they will reward you with both gear and EXP, so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of Gold to gear up for dungeons and such.

Use the best gear

There are six qualities of gear in AxE: Alliance vs Empire, and the better a gear is, the more attributes it will have and better! The types of gear are Normal, Fine, Rare, Epic, Unique and Mythic. 

You should always equip the best gear that you currently have in your inventory to improve your ATK and DEF, because that way you will kill monsters and bosses much easier when questing.

Always use the Hero’s Blessings when you want to level up fast!

There is a type of scroll in AxE: Alliance vs Empire which allows you to level up faster, by increasing the EXP you get when doing quests, but also increases the amount of Gold you get.

I suggest that you use them when you want to level up fast by doing the daily quests (which BTW you should always do!) and some others, as they will only last for 1h, so there is no point wasting them if you want to go PvP for example.

Do the daily quests!

There are just a few daily quests, and I suggest that you do them everysingle day, because they give very good EXP and rewards, and they are another great way to level up other than doing the main quest.

Go explore the Dungeons

You will unlock more Dungeons when you progress through the main quest line, and it’s important that you do so because they are super good! In order to open a Dungeon, you’ll have to spend a Dungeon Ticket, but it’s okay because you have 5 tickets every day, and it’s best if you don’t let them get to waste!

Always pay attention to the stats recommended to do a Dungeon, because that way you’ll see what you can and cannot do, and not waste a ticket for something that you can’t complete.

Once you’ve cleared a Dungeon with 3 stars, you will be able to “re-run” the dungeon without actually doing it. This can be done by opting for the “Instant” completion button, which will cost an Instant Completion Ticket and a Dungeon Ticket. 

Open the free gear chests!

In the Shop, you will notice that there is a Gear tab. Go check there every day for the Free chests, because they can give you pretty decent starting gear! You can claim up to 6 Free chests every day, so check back often!

Dodge the boss attacks!

Maybe not in the early game stages, but later on when you will go fight the Dragons and other powerful bosses, you don’t really want to get hit! There will be what you’d call “red carpets” down on the ground on the area where the boss attacks will land, so always try to use the Dodge skill to get out of a bad situation.

I suggest not being a sitting target dummy, because that will not help in either PvP or PvE, since you’ll end up wasting Health Potions and still die. It’s best if you play actively those Boss battles, because when you need to dodge, you can dodge at your own will.

Equip better weapons to gain powerful Weapon Skills

Some weapons that have an Epic quality or higher will carry along with them a Weapon Skill. Some of them are more powerful than others, so always equip those which you seem to go well with your character’s style!

Sell the old or bad gear you don’t want

You will constantly pick up gears, especially at the early stages, and I suggest that you sell the Common gear that you get for extra Gold. There is no use keeping it in your inventory, because it will only take up space.

In order to sell the gear, you can open the bag and select the “Sell All” tab in the bottom side of the screen. There you will see the criteria under which you can sell the gear, and select what gear you want to get rid of.

I prefer always selling the “Weapon” and “Armor” and “Normal” because that will get rid of all the white gear that take up a lot of space.

Complete challenges to unlock new ones

These are a fun task that I like to do while my character is farming for certain quests. Some of the Challenges will require you to upgrade gear and so on, so it’s really easy to complete.

You should definitely check them out, because they give really good rewards which will help you level up fast.

Want the latest news?

This is a fun function that I haven’t seen in other RPGs out there yet! The Square tab is where you basically can learn all the latest news on the server and even congratulate players for their achievements!

There is a tab next to the mini map, and once you tap on it you can learn fun facts such as “gold spent on server yesterday” and “total pieces of gear obtained yesterday” and so on. 

There you can also purchase useful stuff from the Today’s News tab on the left, so definitely check it out while you’re killing some creeps because it’s fun!

These would be all the AxE: Alliance vs Empire tips and tricks we have for you right now! If you know some other cool and useful game tips, leave them down in the comments below for all of us to learn!

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