Astro Boy Flight Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The App Store has just received a brand new Astro Boy themed game thanks to Animoca, and it’s a pretty fun one to play too – Astro Boy Flight. We are here to make sure that you get the most out of this fun title and we’ll share with you a bunch of Astro Boy Flight cheats and tips to make sure that you get there.

So if you want to get the highest possible score and beat all your friends at this game, read on our quick strategy guide for Astro Boy Flight and hopefully our tips and tricks will help you get going. Good luck and go get them!

1. Weapon upgrades
This is the first and most important upgrade that you need to invest in, as much as possible from the start. Use all the coins that you receive at the start of the game to upgrade the weapons, otherwise you’ll have a really difficult time to even take down the regular robots – and you can’t get too far if you can’t take them out!

2. Stay low
The best strategy when it comes to approaching each game is to try and keep Astro Boy at the base of the screen, because you have more space to maneuver this way, as well as more time to take out incoming robots and all enemies. Be ready to move, though and go upwards when needed, usually when you are fighting bosses.

3. Learn how each boss fights
There are multiple bosses in the game and each has a different strategy and different attacks. Some are easier to beat than others, but in the end you must be prepared for whatever is being thrown at you. So learn how each boss attacks, learn their patterns and how to easily avoid their attacks and you will get really far!

4. Collect as much as you can
Things happen extremely fast when you play Astro Boy Flight, so you can’t really be picky about the drops from your enemies. Try to collect as much as possible, with a focus on the special items because they are always better than the regular coins which you’ll earn anyway whenever you play. Don’t risk your game, though – if it’s a drop that’s difficult to get, don’t go after it!

5. Don’t get the Tag Team Power-up
At least don’t do if you haven’t purchased a second character: that needs to be unlocked in order for you to be able to use this power-up.

6. Power-ups are pretty useless, actually
I don’t really like any of the power-ups in the game and I guess it’s better for you to save your money for Weapons and ability upgrades. Ignore the Power-ups for a long time!

7. Abilities to upgrade
They are extremely expensive and the abilities can only be used after you collect them during the game. So it’s all pretty risky, but it doesn’t hurt to upgrade the ones that are most useful: I’d start with the Double Shot since it gives you more power, and continue with Power Blast, Rocket Burst, Double Score and Magnet.

8. Assist Bots are useful
There are a few types of Assist Bots that you can unlock and take with you into battle and they can prove to be pretty useful. Choose yours carefully and you will get a big advantage. I personally prefer the one that saves you from a rocket shot because sometimes during boss fights you will rush intro rockets to avoid the boss’ shots.

9. Play the challenges
The game doesn’t really tell you about this, but there’s a neat feature in the game: Challenges. From that main menu, you can access the Challenge button and challenge other people, with the player with the highest score winning. Right now, there are no rewards for winning the challanges, but it gives you an extra reason to give it your best and win these games!

These would be for now our Astro Boy Flight cheats and tips. If you have anything to add, let us know by commenting below!

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Astro Boy Flight Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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