Asphalt Overdrive Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


The blazing fast Asphalt series has now come to the mobile scene with its first ever spinoff, Asphalt Overdrive! Asphalt Overdrive is an exciting racing experience that is structured like an endless runner. There are many missions for you to complete and a lot of locations to make your daring getaway, so prepare to speed across the streets of ’80s California with our Asphalt Overdrive cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Let’s get ready to shift into overdrive with the ultimate Asphalt Overdrive cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Check a car’s stats before you make the purchase!

Your selection of cars have three stats:

  • Maximum speed is self-explanatory: it determines the top speed of the car.
  • Acceleration determines how quickly your car can reach its top speed. It’s measured in seconds.
  • Nitro determines how fast your car gains nitro from stunts and nitro pick-ups.

Overall, I’d say all the stats are equally important as they all play a factor in helping you get big scores. Maximum speed and nitro are my favorites though, as they let you get away from cops and help you pull off stunts easier.

2. Watch for big traffic!

The game teaches you during the tutorial that you can slam into the sides of other cars to knock ’em out. This counts as a destruction stunt, so try to take out every car you see! With that said, be careful of the larger vehicles, such as the buses. You cannot take these ones out, and slamming into them will result in you losing speed. Furthermore, if you end up rear ending them, you’ll crash and your run will be over!

3. Chain stunts together for big score multipliers!

There are three types of stunts you can pull off in this game:

  • Aerial stunts happen whenever you swipe left, right, or forward whenever you come off a ramp. Easy to do!
  • Destruction stunts are performed by taking down traffic by slamming into their sides. Time it right!
  • Dexterity stunts are close call maneuvers! Wait until you’re just about to crash into an unbreakable obstacle, then quickly swerve out of the way. This is probably the most dangerous stunt, so be careful!

Everytime you pull off a stunt, your multiplier will increase. Keep the chain going for massive points! Save your nitro for straightaways that have nothing going on in them so you can get to the next set of cars or obstacles quickly.

4. Draft behind cars to enter their slipstream!

If you’re looking for a small speed boost, stay behind cars! You’ll enter their slipstream, and begin drafting. This will pull you ahead a bit, allowing you zip around and smash them right in their sides! It also serves as a great boost if the cops are catching up on you and you have no nitro. Most importantly, drafting preserves your combo timer, giving you more time to continue your chain!

5. Try to earn three stars on each level!

To earn three stars, you need to achieve big scores. Do this by following the tips listed above; pump up your combo multiplier by pulling off as many stunts as you can! Each level has fixed rewards, one for getting two stars and one for getting three stars. These rewards range from the consumable items to cash to the valuable gold, so it’s very well worth your time to put in all your effort.

6. Join a gang!

Gangs are groups of other players. When you join a gang, each players’ score is totaled together and you can see how well your gang is doing against rival gangs. If your gang has five or more players, you will also recover energy faster, so it’s in your benefit to join a thriving gang!

7. Compete in the events for big rewards!

There are timed events that task you with completing certain objectives. These are usually done while you play the main game; for example, the first major event that is happening is a league point competition. You earn LP whenever you complete a level, and the top players with the most LP at the end of the event will be rewarded a whopping 50 gold! Be sure to check the event leaderboards to see what you need to do to improve your rank.

You’re on your way to becoming the best driver in California. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Asphalt Overdrive Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


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