Art of Conquest is an interesting mix of open world exploration, town building, and strategy combat. Choose your hero and your starting location in the world, and then explore as you see fit! With the help of our Art of Conquest cheats and tips, you’ll be able to build the ultimate kingdom while fully exploring this mysterious new world.

Art of Conquest is a big game to tackle with it being a MMORPG with real-time strategy combat, so let’s get right to it with our Art of Conquest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


A good tactician always studies their enemies!

When approaching an enemy group on the world map, you’ll see a list of units before you can actually commit to a battle. Tap on the unit icon and you’ll get a brief description of who they are what abilities they have. You should note their unit type (humanoid, giant, etc) and what kind of weapon and armor abilities they have. This will give you upper hand by allowing you to prepare accordingly. For example, the Myrmidon are effective at taking down giant units and can counter Cavalry unit charges.

Break the enemies’ morale!

You’ve probably noticed by now that sometimes your enemies will drop their weapons and retreat upon taking a heavy blow. You’ll see the message “Morale Collapse” appear over the squad. We’re not 100% sure on what triggers these, but they are very good. Whenever a unit squad suffers a morale collapse, many of them will turn tail and run. If they stay, their stats are dramatically lowered making them easy to defeat. Casting a skill with one of your heroes and hitting a large portion of the squad usually results in one of these, so make sure you use your skills to their fullest!

Beware, as while morale collapses are great, they can also happen to you! If one of your squads is hit hard, you may start losing units. It’s best to back up the weakened squad with another hero’s skill if you have any left.

Keep working on your kingdom!

While you’re out exploring the world with your heroes, be sure you’re constantly working on your kingdom. You do not need to travel all the way back to your kingdom to access it – you can simply tap the Home button at the bottom left. Construct all of the buildings available to your current level, and upgrade them if you have to. You cannot upgrade your castle to the next level until you’ve made all of the buildings appropriate for your level. While you’re at it, you can also collect any gold, wood, and mana your resource buildings have accumulated.

Learn new abilities!

Every time your heroes level up, they’ll gain an ability point. You can use ability points to upgrade existing skills or learn new ones. For the first couple of levels you’ll want to unlock new abilities as you’ll hit the level requirement. Abilities are usually the deciding force in a heated battle, so it’s important that you keep yours up to date.

Squad formation is very important!

You usually don’t need to worry about this because the game handles it for you, but squad formation is very important when you’re deploying your units. For example, you obviously don’t want your archers to be in the frontlines where they’re exposed to heavy assault. As a side note, you can tap the Formation button at the top right to auto-deploy all of your squads with the most recent formation you’ve used. Useful for getting into fights quickly.

That’s all the strategies we have so far for Art of Conquest. If you have any tips or tricks to share about fighting battles, let us know in the comments below!



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