Art Inc. Cheats: Tips & Guide to Collect All Art and Fill the Museum

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Art Inc. tips and cheats to help you win the auctions and refill the museum with all the art pieces in the world. We are going to not only share with you all of our tips and tricks for Art Inc. but also tell you exactly how to proceed to gather everything that you might want. 

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Being a huge fan of fine art, I have to say that I absolutely love this game. It’s exciting, but at the same time not too crazy and time demanding. Oh, and I get to see all of my favorite art pieces redone in a very fun and cartoon-ish style, which is definitely interesting! 

Enough with the praising though! Let’s get into what you came here for – the Art Inc. tips and tricks to help you collect all the art pieces and fill your museum!

Change the looks of the museum

This feature will change how the museum looks and will make it more appealing to the customers and visitors. In order to declutter all the boxes and crates you got laying around you can tap on the little tree button on the bottom side of the screen and you will open the Decorations tab. 

Here you can tap on “swap” to change the old rugged carpet and boxes and whatnot and buy new and presentable items. You should buy the ones with gold at first and later on if you manage to gather dollars, you can buy the other decorations. 

Go into the Auction House and win some art

The auction button on the bottom side of the screen has quite a few auction houses that you can take part in. The fun begins when you can choose to take part in the auction or not. So it goes like this: you will see the average price for the items in that certain auction house when you open the Auction menu.

There, the very first auction house (Gritty’s) has 9 items that you can collect pretty easy. This should be your first stop towards completing your art collection because these 9 are going to be the cheapest. 

My suggestion is to collect around 150k gold and head over to the Gritty’s auction house. All you gotta do is keep auctioning because the bidding will never go super high. However, if you go in there and you don’t win the auction, it’s no problem. Just try again – with more gold this time!

Here’s how to always pick the right item

Whenever you go to an auction house, you will have to bid for the item displayed, but there is always a catch. You can bid for a fake if you’re not paying attention!

So the thing is that when you are bidding, you have to choose the real item, not the fake one. Else, you’ll end up spending a ton of gold for something basically useless. The trick to always picking the real item is this:

– quickly scroll through all the options (3 for the first bid house, 4 for the second and so on).

– if nothing stands out (as if nothing makes it obvious which is the fake and which is the real) then analyze the small details

– the difference can be extremely subtle, so you should check everything continuously. What I  mean by this is quickly scroll left and right to spot the difference when the image is changing.

– if you managed to find the real one and you are 100% certain, then go for it – bid! Else just stand that one out and let the other participants take their chances. 

The good thing is, you can always go back to the auction and bid for the item in question again. It will just be a short cooldown between the auction enter time, that’s all. So if you are not certain of the item being real, don’t risk it by bidding on a fake. 

Watch ads for bonus income

In the top right side of the screen you will see a red TV. Tap on it and you will see Wilfred casually watching something. If you choose to watch an advertisement you will receive double income for 1 hour. This can stack up quite a bit so it will last for quite a long time. 

I suggest that you watch an ad to always have the bonus activated, because it will matter if you want to make money faster. This counts especially when the trending matches your best and most profitable works of art (more details below). 

Swap out your display pieces to match the trend

In the top left corner of the screen you will see a colored tag that will constantly change. This can be either one of those:

Red: Painting

Purple: Fantasy

Blue: Sculpture

Green: Nature

This is super important because whenever the displayed pieces of art match the trend (and assuming you activated the Bonus Income) you will receive 4x the money. This will help you collect a lot of money in a very short time, and thus you can explore more areas and partake in more auctions.

Some items can have 2 traits (for example the Jomon Clay Doll has Painting and Sculpture) and they count equally towards both trends. 

Invite Facebook friends to receive a lot of rewards

If you are the proud owner of a Facebook account and you have some friends willing to do something for you, then you should invite them to play the game. If they accept, it will be to your benefit, as for every friend that accepts your invitation you will receive quite a few good rewards. If 20 friends accept, you will also receive 5-star Athena! 

Make the upgrades the right way

In the bottom side of the screen the very first button will let you make upgrades. There are a few of them that you can make, and one of them stands out among the others: the Fountain Boost. If you are curious to see how to properly make these upgrades, then I’ll show you!

– Museum Size (increases the amount of paintings you can display at once): upgrade this to level 2 as fast as you can after you filled up the empty spaces in your level 1 museum.

– Ticket Boost (increases the amount of money you get at the entrance booth): upgrade to level 5 along with the Gift Shop Boost, then to level 10 and 15 and so on.

– Gift Shop Boost (increases the amount of money you get from the gift shop): same as the Ticket Boost.

– Fountain Boost (increases the maximum Gems you can have stored up in the fountain): I upgraded this to level 2 (cost 100 Gems) and it could be a pretty good investment.

If you play very actively, you won’t need to upgrade this super early in the game, as you will benefit from gems better if you invest them in the characters.

If you won’t spend a ton of time in the game, then it could be worth investing in it because it will store 20 Gems at level 2 (lets you be offline for longer without losing Gems) and you can collect them if you log in game after a few hours.

– Visitor Coin Boost (increases the gold you get from the visitors when you tap on them): this could either work or not, depending on how you play. If you are a super active player, then it is worth leveling it up (5 levels at a time, whenever you have the money to spare) – else, it’s not worth putting not even 1 point in it if you log only once an hour or less to collect the gold.

Complete Silver Fox’s challenge!

This goes without saying, it is right there and it gives Gems and Silver Fox (5 star)! This will require you to complete 3 different tasks, of collecting a total of 9 objects of art. These can be found either from exploring or from auction, and it’s going to take a bit to complete, but you should still make it a priority.

The very first task requires you to collect Ruby Dragon Egg, A Sunday Afternoon and Tableau II, and it’s easier than you think. Just finish the first auction house and the tasks and you’re good. 

Complete the quests!

In the left side of the screen you will see several quests given to you by the current characters you have. Some of them can explore some unusual places, and some others some more common ones. 

They will require some gold to adventure and sometimes it is not certain, but you should do it whenever you have the chance. They can also give some simpler tasks such as tapping visitors or displaying certain works, but these tasks don’t give such good rewards.

Tap the visitors for gold and Gems

This goes without saying, but you still need to pay close attention to them. If you play actively, you might not have noticed that some of the visitors can also give Gems! Make sure that you check them out as often as you can and tap the ones which give gold if you want. 

If you spot a visitor with a Gem icon on top, tap it! They are rare, but they do exist!

Upgrade the level of the art

The artwork you have collected can be upgraded quite a bit, increasing the gold you receive from it in the given amount of time. This is super important, as it will increase the money you get especially if the trend matches the certain art. 

I usually prefer upgrading everything equally, but in this game I went a little different. Since I have collected quite a few pieces, I have decided to upgrade and use only the ones which give the most money in the shortest amount of time. 

However, if you play a little bit more passively, you might want to invest into the art pieces which give the most profit in a longer period of time. This will work better for you as you won’t have to log in the game that often to collect the gold.

Once I have upgraded all of my art pieces to level 25, I have decided to focus on the one and only Portrait De L’Artiste Sans Barbe, because it’s simply stunning (personal preference)! 

The Time Lapse cheat!

Of course, the game will also let you cheat a little bit here and there, and that is going to be good news for you if you are a free player. As you know, the fountain will give you Gems in a certain amount of time. What you can do however, is collect the Gems you gathered so far and then exit the game. 

Go to your device’s settings and speed up the timer by 4 hours. If you haven’t spent the 100 Gems to make the first upgrade, you can collect 10 Gems – else, more! Do this, and then head on to the fountain to collect the Gems! 

You see, the good part about this game is that you can customize it and make it very personal to you, even if it’s not the most profitable way. It will still be good and worth it, so go ahead and let the inner curator inside you wild!

These would be all of our Art Inc. tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other cool and useful tips or have some suggestions? Share them with us down in the comments section below!

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Art Inc. Cheats: Tips & Guide to Collect All Art and Fill the Museum

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