A resource crisis has befallen the world, and now tensions are growing; conflict is inevitable. As a general of a small settlement, it’s up to you to lead and protect your city from others. Armored Storm is another entry into the popular city management genre. We’ll help you construct a fortified base with our Armored Storm cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Follow the quests!


There’s a quest ticker at the top of the screen. When you tap on this, it’ll show you your next main quest. You should always be working towards these quests as they will help you develop your city. For the first 30 or so tutorial quests, you get free insta-build options for all the buildings you construct, so you don’t need to wait too long.

2. Collect your mystery gift!

Every 5 minutes or so, the mystery gift becomes available for you to collect. If you see a shining blue suitcase at the bottom right, tap it and see what you get! You can get free resources, items, and more!

3. Complete the optional quests!

In addition to the main quest line, you also have additional quests. If you tap the quests button at the right, you have access to Daily Quests, Alliance Quests, and VIP Quests. These quests are just timed – you don’t have to actually do anything. Just start up the quest, wait the required amount of time, then come back and collect the rewards. You should always have these quests running as they’re free resources.

4. Keep your buildings upgraded!

Buildings can be divided into three different categories: resource production, storage, and military. You should try to keep all your buildings upgraded, which will happen naturally as you do your main story quests. You want to keep your resources producers upgraded so you get a constant stream of resources, mostly, but you also need the storage space to hold it all in. Military buildings will also help when you want to attack other players or get attacked yourself.

5. Join an alliance!

An alliance is a group of players who work together. You can join a random alliance by tapping the button at the right bar. The main quest line will make you do this, but you should do it regardless. You can ask for building assistance from other players, and you can even get help from them when you’re attacked by a hostile player! Also, keep an eye on the on the purple alliance icon that shows up from time to time at the bottom left. This shows that members of your alliance are requesting help, so just tap the button and tap “help all”. Pay it forward and you’ll be rewarded!

6. Add skill points to unlock the next tier!

Every time you level up, you gain new skill points to use for your personal skills. These skills give passive bonuses like reduced build time and the like. It’s shaped like a tree though, and in order to unlock the next tier, you need a required amount of points put into the previous skills. You can see what you need by tapping on the skills next to the ones you have already unlocked. Try to only put a minimum amount of skill points into one tier so you can unlock the rest of the skills!

That should be a good starting point for your city. Just be sure to keep your buildings upgraded, your military forces trained, and you should be good. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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