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Armor Age: Tank Wars Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Armor Age: Tank Wars Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Armor Age: Tank Wars is a new real-time strategy game set in the world of 20th century tank battles. As the commander of a newly appointed squad, build your own team full of metal machines and lead them to victory using strategy, cunning, and a lot of planning! Our Armor Age: Tank Wars cheats and tips will focus on how to power up your tanks and get through the levels!

Armor Age: Tank Wars is a core experience aimed at RTS fans, so don’t expect the lighthearted content from most RTS mobile games – this is the real deal, so let’s get started with our Armor Age: Tank Wars cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Face the enemy with front armor!

This is a small but VERY important tip to keep in mind: always approach the enemy with your front armor facing them. See the green ring around your tanks? The triangle on it indicates what direction they’re facing. Depending on the terrain, your tanks may move backwards in order to get to where you want them to go.

If you’re not careful, this may lead them into a battle with their rear armor exposed, the weakest part of the tank. Your tanks will take extra damage from the flank so it’s very important you always pay close attention to your positioning.

Use your light tanks for scouting!

As you learned in the tutorial, most light-class tanks are equipped with some kind of ability that lets them scout the nearby areas. Knowing is half the battle in the world of tanks, so light tanks arguable have the most important role. If you’re going into uncharted territory, use your light tank to go scouting.

Use light movements and be prepared to come to a sudden stop in case you end up running into an enemy tank. You don’t want your light tank to engage the enemy solo – they’re there for spotting and recon.

Unlock ultimate abilities as soon as possible!

Each tank has access to an ultimate ability that activates under certain conditions. But first, the tank’s crew must reach certain levels before it unlocks. Read the tank’s profile for more info, but it’s imperative that you unlock the abilities as fast as possible. Your tanks hit a substantial power growth when their abilities unlock, making them much more powerful. Crew upgrades also power up the tank’s base stats too!

Complete the daily tasks!

Tasks are essentially the quests of Armor Age. You have fixed tasks that focus on storyline progression, but you also have daily tasks. Daily tasks, as the name suggests, cycle out every day, and completing them is the key to expanding your army. Daily tasks reward you with precious gold, which is the premium currency of this game and it’s needed in order to earn new tank blueprints.

Remember your tank roles!

Above all, the most important tip we can leave you with is to remember your tanks’ roles, strengths, and weaknesses. Light tanks are your scouts and recon – they find the enemy for you so that you can plan your formation and attack. Heavy tanks should always be the first to enter battle, and antitanks should bring up with the rear with long-range attacks, safely out of harm’s way.

Medium tanks are the trickiest of the bunch. They require the most micromanging of the four roles, but used effectively they can be very powerful. They have all-around stats, making them perfect for flanking the enemy. While the enemy is distracted by your heavy tank, send your medium tank around to attack the rear.

That’s all for Armor Age: Tank Wars. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Armor Age: Tank Wars Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


    • Hi, I am assuming u mean mission 5 where u have to capture a bunch of points and then kill capture the city center…

      If u mean that one try and get the M3 Stuart (Light tank) because it’s view range is op, then get the 43M zrinyi (tank destroyer) which has EPIC range AND does more damage to stationary targets.

      Then use the light to spot arty

      ALSO!!! Keep spamming mission one on easy/medium for blueprints which u can upgrade later :-)

  1. Hey guys…was wondering if there is any site that explains the blueprints a little better? I know that once you get so many of a certain type you can then purchase that tank…but once you have done that, what is the purpose of getting more of the same blueprints?


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