Arknights East Armory Guide: Contracts, Guidelines, and More

Arknights East Armory Guide: Contracts, Guidelines, and More

Arknights is one of the most popular mobile tower defense games. It has a lot of different activities you will need to complete by creating variable formations with your operators. These are obtainable via Gacha and there are many different banners. So, your resources may be limited if you can’t get most of these characters. Given this fact, learning about different missions is a good idea to progress in the game.

Contingency Contract operations are one of the possible missions you can play. There are many of these and each level provides you with unique conditions. Today we are going to talk about one such mission. This guide will tell you about East Armory in Arknights, its Contracts, and Guidelines.

East Armory Guidelines in Arknights

East Armory in Arknights is one of Contingency Contract operations. These missions can be tough with their variable contracts that provide enemies with different buffs or allies with debuffs. The level itself is problematic as well. In the beginning, you will be able to see a big area with two corridors. The opponents will be arriving from the Northern entrances. So, you have to get in their way and don’t let them get to blue zones at South. Also, there are flying unit spawners on the East side of the field. These will be spawning opponents that will try to get to blue zones at the Western edge of the map. However, the biggest problem is five turrets that will be shooting your operators. So, you should prepare a team with good survivability.

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The flying enemies are A1 and A2 Arts Masters that deal Arts damage. These are problematic to deal with but you will have two Jammers that should help you. The ground enemies are quite generic and the only threat is Senior Casters. However, this can be changed with different contracts.

East Armory Contracts in Arknights

East Armory Contracts in Arknights are special modifications you can apply to your mission. There are two different types of these. Support Contracts will drop your Risk to 0 but provide your team with buffs. However, you won’t be able to use these if you want to play with higher Risk. The Contracts of the second type will give you a certain disadvantage and these are ranked by their level. The tougher the modification is the higher rank it has. These Contracts will increase your level of Risk but you should be careful as you can turn your mission into an impossible challenge.

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Arknights East Armory Guide: Contracts, Guidelines, and More


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