Arknights: 4-7 Mutual Benefits Mission Guide


Arknights is an anime fantasy tower defense game where you must lead a team of “Operators” through the war-torn world of Terra. In episode 4, the game introduces a new type of enemy and the main threat of the story: the Oripathy disease. You’ll have to plan around the infected enemies, as they can deal massive damage if they get too close! We’ll walk you through the operation with our Arknights 4-7 “Mutual Benefits” mission guide!

Arknights Operation 4-7 “Mutual Benefits” Guide

A large number of creatures infected with Oripathy have appeared on the battlefield! Think carefully about when to destroy them.

Heated Path Deals massive damage to Operators and enemies on it at intervals.

— Operation 4-7 Description

Enemy List

  • Soldier x 16
  • Butcher x 1
  • Caster Leader x 8
  • Infused Originium Slug x24
  • Monster Mk II x 6
  • Sarkaz Greatswordsman x2
  • Sarkaz Crossbowman x2


As the operation description mentions, you’ll be facing off against enemies infected with Oripathy, the deadly and explosive disease that is tormenting the world of Terra. Upon starting the stage, you’ll see Infused Originium Slugs already strewn about the battlefield. Additionally, there are two Heated Paths near the top of the map—any units on top of these paths will take periodic damage.

Infused Originium Slugs will explode upon death, causing heavy damage to any adjacent Operators, so you’ll need to be careful about when you dispatch them. The ones that appear when the operation begins will not attack your Operators directly, so you can pick them off safely from afar with Snipers or Casters. Alternatively, you can use an Operator that can disable enemy skills, like Lappland.

Enemies spawn in from the north and east.

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Avoid attacking the Infused Originium Slugs with melee Operators, as they’ll blow up in their faces and take a lot of damage. The ones at the beginning of the operation are easy enough to deal with, but eventually they’ll come down the line just like regular enemies. Be sure you have enough ranged Operators to take them out before they reach your melee Operators.

Ideally, you’ll want to prioritize the Infused Originium Slugs first. If they manage to reach your frontline, the other enemies like the Caster Leaders will likely catch up and pile on the damage, and it might be too much for your melee Operators to handle.

Once you’ve dealt with a majority of the enemies, multiple Monster Mk II will begin to spawn. These units are flying drones that will fly over your Operators, only stopping to attack periodically. As with the slugs, ensure that you have enough ranged Operators to deal with them before they get through.

After you’ve taken care of the Monster Mk IIs and the remaining Infused Originium Slugs, you should be pretty much done with the operation. As long as you’ve got a solid defense line, you don’t need to worry about the remaining enemies.

That concludes our mission guide on Arknights’ operation 4-7 “Mutual Benefits”. If you have any other solid strategies that work well on this operation, let us know in the comments below!

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Arknights: 4-7 Mutual Benefits Mission Guide


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