ARK GMSummon Codes and How to Create Them


In a single-player world of Ark: Survival Evolved, players can utilize the in-game console to trigger immediate effects. Players can create items, equipment, alter the environment, and even spawn in dinosaurs and other creatures. To do so, you’ll have to use GMSummon commands to get what you want. Today, we’ll show you ARK GMSummon codes and how to create them!

How to Use and Generate ARK’s GMSummon Codes

In Ark: Survival Evolved, one of the commands you can use in the console are GMSummon codes. These codes will summon a specific creature in the entire game right in front of you and auto-tame it, saving you the hard work of doing it yourself.

By the way, if you don’t know how to activate the console, simply press the TAB key if you’re on PC. If you’re on console, press your first set of shoulder buttons together (RB + LB/R1 + R2), and then press your top and left face buttons (X + Y/Triangle + Square).

To use the console correctly, you’ll need to type in a command in a format that the game can read. In this context, we’ll be using the GMSummon command, which goes likes this:

  • cheat GMSummon <“type”> <level>

For the type string, you’ll type in the kind of creature you want to spawn, and the name must match the creature’s ID exactly. The level string is the creature’s level without the taming bonus applied—if you leave it blank, the creature will be at level 1. Let’s say you want to spawn in a level 50 Dodo, the command would look like this:

  • cheat GMSummon “Dodo_Character_BP_C” 50

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You’re probably wondering where to get the full creature IDs. Well, you COULD go to the Ark: Survival Evolved official wiki and find it yourself… or you can just generate one using a handy website!

ARK IDs is a helpful website that lets you generate easy-to-use console commands on the fly. This link takes you directly to the GMSummon page, where you use the nifty Command Builder to create a console command without actually having to type anything out.

The Command Builder is very easy to use, as all you need to do is select the creature and level you want, and watch the code generate on the fly. Click the copy button next to the code for easy pasting into Ark: Survival Evolved’s console, if you’re playing the PC version.

That concludes our guide on how to create and use ARK GMSummon codes. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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ARK GMSummon Codes and How to Create Them


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