How to Use Net Projectiles in ARK Survival Evolved


ARK is one of the games that can boast a large scale of different items. You can craft everything in this game, from the pickaxe to some space diamonds. By reading this guide, you will find out what Net Projectiles are and how to use net projectiles in ARK Survival Evolved. So, let’s get started!

Net Projectiles in ARK Guide

The net projectile is one of the weapons in ARK. To use it, you need to have a harpoon launcher. And honestly, a net projectile is the best improvement for a harpoon launcher. 

However, to unlock the net projectile, you must have at least level 43. And that makes net projectiles unavailable for beginners. Moreover, to make it, you need first make the harpoon launcher. And if you have the harpoon, you need 180 fibres, 12 metal ingots, and 4 polymers.

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But the best thing about the net projectile is that you can craft it from the inventory. It is extremely handy, as you can make the weapon while flying. But to craft it, you need to have resources on you. 

How Net Projectile Works in ARK

When it is completely clear how to craft a net projectile, let’s find out how it works. Firstly, you need to take a harpoon and load the net projectile inside it; at this stage, you are ready to use the weapon. All you need at this stage is to find the dinosaur and capture it using the weapon. However, remember that using a net projectile makes the dino immovable only for 60 seconds. 

This is everything you need to know about the useful weapon. And the last thing to remember – do not use net projectiles against giant dinos. They will start attacking you, and you will probably die. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope it was helpful for you.

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How to Use Net Projectiles in ARK Survival Evolved


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