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Are There Mods for Forspoken? – Answered

Are There Mods for Forspoken? – Answered

Forspoken, the long-awaited sci-fi adventure game starring Ella Balinska, has finally launched. While the game reviews have so far been positive, Square Enix’s new title has insane system requirements that’ll make you rethink getting a new PC in order to play the game.

The game has had a long marketing cycle ever since it was announced in 2020, and now that it’s finally here, some players are starting to use mods to experience the heavily demanding adventure game. So, are there mods in Forspoken? Let’s find out!

Are There Mods for Forspoken? – Answered

Officially, there are no mods for Forspoken just yet. The game was released on January 24, which if you think about it, is still very early to start seeing any sort of mods being added to the game. Sure there have been titles like Skyrim where the game’s community adds mods frequently, but there’s also Bethesda’s Creation Club Content. Forspoken, however, is still a relatively new game and currently has no official modding system.

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However, like many games out there, it doesn’t take long before the Forspoken community of gamers embarks on a quest to create all sorts of interesting mods for the game. If these mods do become available, be careful not to download them from unknown platforms so you don’t unknowingly install dangerous malware on your PC.

Nexus Mods, one of the most reliable mod sites to get free mods currently does not have mods on Forspoken, so if you decide to look elsewhere for mods, be careful and make sure you have a reliable antivirus software on your PC as well as enable your windows defender so threat gets past you.

What Modes Are Available for Forspoken?

For now, there’s only the WeMod Forspoken Trainer that’s been the most talked about mod amongst the game’s community. The mod lets you get one-hit kills and infinite health amongst other attributes. It’s all bad if you’re a player who enjoys playing games with mods.

However, as aforesaid, ensure you get the mod from the official WeMod site here. Other than the WeMod Trainer, there’s currently no other Forspoken mod that we are aware of at this time. Regardless, Forspoken is a game that’ll provide you with a captivating story and impressive action with or without mods.

Forspoken is currently available for PlayStation 5 and PC (via Steam).

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Are There Mods for Forspoken? – Answered


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