Are Colors in Temtem One Time Use? – Answered

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Temtem is a massive multiplayer game from Humble Games, in which players can collect and tame creatures (the Temtem), and explore the lands of Airborne Archipelago. Character customisation is a part of this exciting adventure, and players can change the colors of cosmetics using dyes. Find out more below about how these dyes work in our guide: ‘Are Colours in Temtem One Time Use? – Answered.

Using Dyes in Temtem

Part of the customisation of cosmetics in Temtem is applying a color dye. These can be purchased separately or in bundles. To purchase a dye bundle, you must visit a Boutique. There are boutiques in every town:

  • Rogue and Kohl Cosmetics in Arissola
  • Eidolon Beauty in Turquesa
  • The Feather and The Opal in Nanga
  • The Flutes of Pansunset in Mokupuni
  • Paktli’s Boudoir in Quetzal
  • Utulivi Boutique in Uhuru
  • Cel Brand Fashions! in Cipanku
  • Evilas Row in Properton
Boutique temtem
Boutique in Temtem (via Humble Games)

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The dye bundles cost around 28,999 Pansuns (in-game currency), and there are 5 colors in each bundle. When purchased, the colors are placed in the Customization inventory ready to be used to dye any cosmetic you want to change.

color dyes temtem
Colors and dyes in Temtem (via Humble Games)

There are a total of 115 dye colors, with most readily available for purchase from the Loot Pool or are gifted as part of FreeTemi Rewards. Once used, the dye colors are used up- they are consumable items. This means if you dye a garment blue, then change it to another color for any reason, you will need to purchase more blue dye if you change your mind once more.

That is all you need to know about purchasing and using dye colors in Temtem! We hope that has shed some light on the use of this consumable item. Good luck.

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Are Colors in Temtem One Time Use? – Answered


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