Become the ultimate archer in Archery King! Archery King is a multiplayer focused archery game. Draw your bow, aim carefully, and fire to score big points! You can go up against players from all over the world in a contest to see who is the best archer. There are a lot of competitive modes here, so if you’re a fan of archery in real life, you’ll feel right at home here! We’ve got some tips and tricks for you to train your archery skills, so let’s get started with our Archery King cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Small swipes!


As you’ve probably already experienced, the aiming in this game is extremely sensitive. A long big swipe will put a lot of momentum into your movement. Try to think of your arm and bow as a trackball type mouse. The more you swipe in a direction, the more momentum will be applied. Your arm won’t move immediately, but it’ll slide in that direction faster. With that said, always use very tiny, light swipes. You don’t want your arm to be flailing around wildly, you need precision accuracy! Be gentle, and aim gracefully!

2. Wind compensation!

The wind will change speed and direction every turn. Make sure to adjust your shot according to how strong the wind is! As a general rule of thumb, we found it helpful that for every point of speed the wind has, you add one ring to compensate. For example, let’s say the wind was blowing at 1.5. You would start your aim at the center ring, then go out past the 9 ring, then a little bit into the 8 ring. This will generally give you decently accurate results, but keep tweaking your aim and see if you find a better method!

3. Get the good gear!

Every time you level up, you might unlock a new piece of gear. There are three types of equipment: bows, arrows, bow sights, and gear. Bows determine your Power. We’re not quite sure what power dictates, but we’re guessing arrow speed. The later bows also increase how fast you draw your bow. Arrows determine your wind resistance. The better the arrow, the less influence wind will have on your arrows. Bow Sights determine how far you zoom in during aiming. Finally, Gear gives you a “cheer up” bonus which we’re not entirely sure of. The only other gear you can buy is 2,700,000 gold so we haven’t really given it too much thought.

You should try to buy new equipment as it becomes available. Just bear in mind that new equipment has durability. Every time you play a match, all equipped items’ durability goes down. You’ll need to spend gold to keep your equipment in tip top shape. If durability gets too low, you won’t be able to use the item until it’s repaired. If it’s more convenient for you, you can enable auto repair to let the game repair your equipment for you once a match is over.

4. Try the Time Race!

The Time Race is a competitive race to complete all of the levels. The moment you start the season, the game will begin tracking your time right up until you finish the last level. You’ll be placed on the season leaderboard according to your final time, and the faster you are, the more cash you’ll earn at the end of the season. This seems to be only way to earn cash, the premium currency of the game.

Unfortunately, if you really want to place high on the leaderboard, you’ll need to be diligent. The game continues to count seconds even when you’re not playing a level. You heard right: if you run out of stamina and are waiting for it to regenerate, the game will still be counting towards your time. This means you’ll need to be on the ball. You’ll have to play levels as soon as you get a point of stamina back.

That’s all for Archery King. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



  1. No one has yet to inform me how to control the “ZOOM”. Regardless of the power of the scope, the size of the target is the same.HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!

    • If you look when you touch the screen to draw your bow you will see the target move up….
      That is your zoom from scope working

    • Zoom is very subtle. If you are expecting to see a GIANT SIZED TARGET, forget about it… but it will be marginally larger at each level. A “130%” magnification only means that the target will appear a little less than one-third larger (100% would be the same size… it is not X100). So you may be thinking that Zoom will make a huge difference when it won’t… but it will make it a LITTLE better. If you want more magnification, wear strong readers (which I do when it comes to a shoot-off, which helps a lot).


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