Archero Tier List: Best Weapons & Gear


Welcome to our tier list guide on the best weapons and gear in Archero! We’ve already covered the heroes in our previous guide, and today we’ll be taking a look at the weapons and gear you can outfit your heroes with.

Weapon Tier List

Please do note that for the most part, all of the weapons in this game are contextual. Even though some of these weapons pull better numbers than others, some weapons are better suited for certain situations.

SGale Force, Stalker Staff, Brightspear
ADeath Scythe, Brave Bow, Tornado
BSaw Blade

The S-tier weapons can make quick work of enemies. Gale Force and Brightspear are excellent for maze mob levels, and the Gale Force can do some mean damage to bosses. The Stalker Staff is amazing for boss damage too, and the Brightspear brings a lot of mobility to the table.

The A-tier weapons can be just as good, so don’t worry if you’re stuck with one of those. The Death Scythe in particular is noted for its excellent viability, as it can handle maze levels with ease and also do good boss damage thanks to its passive.

Though the Saw Blade can dish out some decent damage with the right abilities, it’s underpowered compared the rest of the weapons, so move on as soon as you can.

Gear Tier List

TierArmorRingLocketBraceletSpell BookSpirit
SBright Robe, Shadow RobeLion, BullAngel, AgileQuickshot, InvincibleEnlightenment, Art of Combat Laser Bat, Flaming Ghost
AVest of Dexterity, Phantom CloakSerpent, WolfBloodthirsty FrozenArcane ArcherNoisy Owl, Elf
BGolden ChestplateBearPiercerThunder, BlazingIce RealmScythe Mage
CVoid RobeFalconBulletproof, IronSplitLiving Bomb

Shadow Robe has great damage to compliment your DPS. The Vest of Dexterity is a great balance between offense and defense, while the Bright Robe and Phantom Cloaks are good for doubling up on the defense.

For rings, the Lion Ring is probably the best choice in the long run as it boosts your damage to bosses. The Bull Ring boosts damage to mobs, so that’s a good choice for mazes.

For lockets, the Angel Locket can revive you when you take fatal damage. This is easily the best locket, but the Agile Locket is a good choice too. When you’re low on HP, the Agile Locket gives you a big dodge increase.

For bracelets, the Quickshot and Invincible bracelets are great choices. The immediate arrows that spawn with the Quickshot helps set up enemies for easy pickings, while the Invincible bracelet can protect you.

For spell books, the Enlightenment book skill-granting ability cannot be topped. Art of Combat’s knockback-increasing effect is great as well.

For spirits, the Laser Bat’s laser that goes through walls is super powerful. The Flaming Ghost’s splitting projectiles dish out nice damage too. The Noisy Owl can knock enemies back, while the Elf has the fastest attack speed out of the spirits.

That’s our current list for the best weapons and gear for Archero. Be sure to check out our other Archero guide on the best heroes in the game!

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Archero Tier List: Best Weapons & Gear


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