Archero Demon Blade Abilities and Guide

Archero Demon Blade Abilities and Guide

Archero is quite an interesting mobile action game where you need to choose your character and equip it with different items. There are lots of weapons you can use to decimate your opponents. Some of them allow you to do it from a decent range while other weapons require you to fight in melee. However, there are some weapons that allow you to attack from distance and hit in melee. Demon Blade is such a weapon and even though it was added with one of the latest updates it appears to be very popular. This guide will tell you about Demon Blade in Archero.

Demon Blade in Archero

Demon Blade in Archero is a very powerful and interesting weapon. It looks like katana that you can use to cut your opponents. However, when you try to hit anyone with it you may see that this sword launches a projectile in the direction you are aiming to. It allows you to attack from a decent range when this sword is unable to reach your opponents.

The ability of Demon Blade to create projectiles is amazing. However, you will need to attack your opponents in melee as the ranged attacks of this weapon are weak. Also, the ability that makes you immune to front collisions damage in melee attacks should be really helpful. Other abilities of this weapon are able to increase your damage and heal you when your character is at low HP. So, Demon Blade in Archero appears to be a strong weapon that allows you to cut through any enemy with your melee attacks.

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Archero Demon Blade Abilities and Guide



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