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Arcane Odyssey: How to Destroy Trees

Arcane Odyssey: How to Destroy Trees
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The exciting open world MMO, Roblox Arcane Odyssey, has players battling across land and sea with all sorts of weapons and magical abilities. Players can choose fighting styles to suit their type of gameplay, one of which is the Iron Leg Fighting Style. This fighting style requires the strongest legs so you can kick with immense power, taught by a mentor who will ask you to destroy 10 trees for him.

Here we will show you how to destroy trees in Arcane Odyssey so you can complete the quest and learn the Iron Leg Fighting Style.

How to Destroy 10 Trees and Learn the Iron Leg Fighting Style

The mentor for the Iron Leg Fighting Style is Sarlovèze who resides on Harvest Island. He requires payment of 30 coins, and for 10 trees to be destroyed to show your strength. Once you destroy all the trees, you can then go back to him to get your reward of the Iron Leg Fighting Style, 2517 XP and 15 Galleons.

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You will need to be at level 80 Strength of above to get the Iron Leg Fighting Style, so make sure you have the right stats before attempting the quest. After visiting and speaking to Sarlovèze at Harvest Island, he will ask you to prove how strong and skilled you are. Next up, find any trees nearby and hit them with any weapon or magic to break them down. No basic attack or low level weapon like knives will not make a difference, unfortunately. A Broadsword or a Katana is recommended but actually any good weapon will be absolutely fine.

It may take a little while to destroy each tree completely but the time it takes depends entirely on the power level of the weapon or attack that you are using. If you are using magic then take note that on average it takes about 13-15 spells with low level magic to break a tree down.

That is all you need to know about destroying trees to learn the Iron Leg Fighting Style in Roblox Arcane Odyssey. For more hints and tips for this fun MMO on Roblox visit our guide section!

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Arcane Odyssey: How to Destroy Trees


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