The horde has returned, armies are dwindling, and villages are in ruins. It’s time to take up arms as the Arcane Knight! Arcane Knight is an endless runner with a dark fantasy twist. Armed to the teeth with weapons and spells, unleash your fury on the horde as you run the distance. Let’s get ready to charge into the battlefield and run far with our Arcane Knight cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Attack rapidly!

If you take out an enemy soldier immediately after taking out a previous one, you’ll start a combo bonus. This combo bonus will increase the amount of coins you get from each kill, but it is lost once the bar runs out. The combo bar will refill upon another take down, so try to keep your combo going if you can!

2. Don’t forget about your magic!

Your default starting magic is the green absorption shield. Upon activation, this shield will last for a couple of seconds and will complete negate any incoming damage. You can use this spell right away if you hit a green magic orb, but it also recharges on its on. You can tell how much is charged by the bar on the right side of the screen. Once it’s fully charged, it’s ready to be cast! It’s important not to forget about the shield as when you’re just starting out, your character is extremely weak. You will go down in maybe two or three hits, so try to use your shield when you’re about to get hit!

3. Complete the achievements!

Before you start a run, you’ll have a list of optional achievements for you to complete. You should try to do as many of these as you can; they reward you with hefty piles of gold and sometimes even precious gems! Gems are used to level up your stats and spells, so they’re very important.

4. Stick to your bow!

As a general rule, it’s wise to just stick to your bow. With precision tapping, you can take out enemies that are extremely far away. You can execute them before they even have the chance to get anywhere close to dealing damage to you! With enough practice you should be able to land most of your shots, and don’t forget that you have stronger arrows if you need them. They’re useful for the armored targets on horses.

5. Go for a swift decapitation!

If you do choose to go in for close-quarters combat, try to aim for the head! If you angle a sword strike just right, the game will slow down and you’ll swipe the head right off the unfortunate recipient of your blade! This technique is hard to land but it will instantly (as it should) kill any enemy, regardless of armor. You’ll even have achievements sometimes that ask you to perform this.

6. Use your gems to upgrade your stats!

You have a choice when it comes to developing your character. You can spend gems to increase your base stats, which influence your mana regeneration rate, armor rating, and your maximum amount of health. We recommend investing your first couple of points into your base stats first, before you start unlocking additional equippable magic spells.

7. Switch up your magic!

Once your comfortable enough with your stats, you can start spending points on magic spells. Remember how we mentioned that you will always regenerate mana over time and you can use your shield? You can actually “equip” spells on the spell list. This makes it your default spell when your mana is fully charged, so you can switch it to other spells besides Shield once you unlock them. We recommend Heal, as it’s great in emergencies.

That’s all for Arcane Knight. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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