A new arcade racing game is now available on the App Store, a game where the actual racing is only one part of the complete package.

Tail Drift, developed by Attract Mode Games, is a unique racing game where players will be controlling a plane. Even though you’re controlling a flying vehicle, you won’t exactly be flying through the skies, as the actual race takes place on floating tubes. This has allowed the team to create really colorful and unique tracks.

Gameplay wise, the game can almost be compared to the latest Mario Kart games, as several different items and power ups can be found during each race, giving players a selection of offensive and defensive options like turbo boosts, mines, cannons and much more. The inclusion of items makes the gameplay experience quite hectic, as the opponents will not hesitate to use these items against you.

Tail Drift also includes extra planes as well as upgrading options which will allow you to improve the performance of your planes in different ways.

Tail Drift is now available on the App Store for only $0.99, a more than decent price considering the nice gameplay experience this nice arcade racing title offers.



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