Super Secret Service is one of those games that’s just perfect to play on the go, offering a really simple, but engaging, gameplay experience that will make players come back for more quite often.

In Super Secret Service, players will control two agents of the Super Secret Service who have to protect a really important politician from a variety of projectiles. This man must really be unpopular, as people will be launching a lot of things to him, ranging from tomatoes to weird balls of energy.


To protect the politician, players will simply have to tap on the things that are getting launched at him. Obviously not everything is lethal so players will have to be really careful when to tap, as it takes some time for the agents to recover from the previous tap.

Super Secret Service is a really simple game but its gameplay experience is so well crafted that no one will probably complain about the lack of depth. If you have always wanted to be a bodyguard but have never been able to, you can get the game from the App Store right now for only $0,99.




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