There isn’t a gamer on Earth who doesn’t know about Snake, a classic arcade game where players have to feed a growing snake without hitting any obstacle. A new game twisting this classic gameplay formula is now available on the App Store.

Sid the Snake has been developed by Smiling Bag, the team behind another retro inspired game called I Am Level. In the game, players will have three minutes to eat a mouse. The thing is that Sid isn’t big enough at the beginning of the stage to be able to eat the mouse right away, so players have to help him grown by eating eggs and other items.

Controls in Sid the Snake workd differently than in other Snake inspired games. Sid moves clockwise automatically and players can make him go anti-clockwise by holding the screen. The whole experience is also made harder in later stages by several dangers such as explosions, asteroids and more.

Sid the Snake is now available for free on the App Store. The game is a unique take on the Snake gameplay formula and it’s just perfect to play on the go so make sure to check out the game if you have spent hours upon hours playing Snake, you won’t be disappointed.


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