Another really interesting arcade game is now available on the App Store. If you’re somehow attracted to flames, you will surely be loving Primal Flame.

The game’s main character is lost and alone inside a creepy forest where fire is life and as such, it must be protected at all costs. This is obviously not going to be an easy task, as raindrops, leaves and other things will try to douse it.

The beginning of each round is quite realistic too, as you will be stroking the screen with your finger in order to get the flame going. Almost relaxing, too. Things get hectic soon, though, as several hazards will try to take your flame out and put an end to your life as well.

Surviving long enough comes with its own rewards, as you will be able to unlock more stages. As expected, these extra stages will challenge you even more than before, with some other hazards that will make keeping the flame alive a difficult task like snow, strong winds and anything you can expect has the ability to take out a flame.

Primal Flame is now available for purchase on the App Store. This fun arcade game will cost you $2.99/£1.99



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