If you’re a fan of the popular Fruit Ninja, you definitely want to keep an eye on Fire Fu, an upcoming arcade game featuring a similar gameplay experience.

Just like in the game developed by Halfbrick, in Fire Fu players will have to swipe on the screen as quickly and accurately as possible to destroy a variety of enemies with fire. As players progress through the game, enemies will become much harder to defeat but thankfully there will be a variety of power-ups that will make the players’ fire as effective as ever. Fire Fu will definitely not be the most original gameplay experience around but it looks it can be quite fun, and that’s all that will matter in the end.

The game’s unique graphical style will also set it apart from the competition. The cartoonish style used in Fire Fu looks really good so it will be interesting to see these beautiful 2D graphics in motion.

Fire Fu will be released on the App Store on a yet to be confirmed release date. As you wait for the release date to finally get announced, you can check out the game’s official website for more information.