A few weeks ago we have reported that a new arcade shooter game called Devastator was going to be released sometime during September on the App Store.

Now we can confirm that the shooter game published by Radiangames is now available for purchase on the App Store in all regions.

Devastator is a dual stick arcade shooter where players have to fight waves of enemies inside changing arenas that get altered with each wave. In Devastator players will get points for each destroyed enemy as well as for pods that randomly appear during each wave, pods that allow players to activate several special abilities such as teleportation, the ability to summon drones and much more. Devastator includes 50 waves of enemies and different difficulty levels so you will be busy with the game for some time.

Devastator seems like the perfect game to play on the go thanks to an easy to pick up and play gameplay experience so if you’re looking for a game that can keep you occupied for short amount of times every now and then, Devastator is the right game for you.

Devastator is now available for purchase on the App Store in all regions for the price of $1.99



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