Crossy Road, the arcade game developed by Hipster Whale, has finally received a solid release date. The game, which was originally scheduled for a September release, will be available on the App Store on November 20th.

We first have learned of Crossy Road last month, when the game was formally revealed. Crossy Road is an arcade game that’s been clearly influenced by another classic title, Frogger, as players will have to lead a variety of characters across dangerous roads. The game can potentially go on forever, granted players are good enough to avoid getting squashed on the road by some really reckless drivers.


Crossy Road is really a modern take of Frogger in every possible way, featuring a similar gameplay experience with a modern touch like the blocky Minecraft-like graphics, extra characters that can be unlocked by playing the game or spending real money and new controls that make the experience feel a bit different than in the classic Frogger.

Crossy Road will be released on the App Store on November 20th. The game is going to be released as a free to play title, with players having the possibility of spending real money to unlock all characters earlier, something that can also be done by simply playing the game.



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