Gamers who have been playing video games for years will surely remember the arcade classic Frogger, a game where players had to lead a little frog to safety by crossing roads full of fast moving cars.

The Frogger influence is quite prominent in the upcoming iOS game Crossy Road, which twists the formula of the classic arcade game to make it more interesting.


Just like in Frogger, players will have to lead a frog to safety. Only that there’s probably no safety in the game, since you will be able to keep playing as long as a car doesn’t squash the poor frog. With each environment being procedurally generated, it will be possible for players to play the game for hour upon hours and never see the same stage twice.

The tiny frog isn’t the only playable character of the game. Crossy Road will include some really over the top characters like wizards, unicorns, zombies and many others. The differences appear to be only cosmetic but they add a certain something to the game: how many times have you been able to control a zombie as he tries to cross an endless road? Not many, I’d wager.

Crossy Road will be released on the App Store later this month. The game will be released as a free to play title.



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