Bubble Boost

Arcade games are all the rage on the App Store right now, thanks to their easy to pick and play nature that makes them perfect to play on the go in short bursts. If you’re looking for a new arcade game to play on your iPhone or iPad, you may want to check out a new arcade game that’s been made available on the App Store recently.

In Bubble Boost players will have to control a bubble as it navigates upwards through a tunnel that’s constantly changing. To avoid getting popped, players will have to tap the bubble to change its form, swallow other bubbles and items and more. Swallowing too many items will end up making the bubble too big so players will have to be careful and not just swallow everything they encounter.

While pretty simple on paper, Bubble Boost sports a good challenge level. It’s a game that’s easy to understand but harder to master so if you’re looking for a game that challenges your skills, Bubble Boost is definitely a game you’d want to play.

Bubble Boost is now available for download for free on the App Store.



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