Welcome to the Grab Lab – we hope you have your thinking caps and most importantly your grabby hands! Grab Lab is an inventive and colorful puzzle platformer featuring simple one-touch controls with fun and challenging platform mania levels!

The good doctor has invented a new time travel device. It is 100% foolproof, so he says. What could go wrong? Well, turns out just about anything! Just like that, the time machine explodes and now the whole world is experiencing one big continuum shift.

Gravity is all out of whack, and the laboratory seems to be floating. Just another day at the lab, right? The whole world actually seems to breaking down too. Magnetic anomalies are popping up every where throwing normal every day devices out of tune, and the weather is going crazy as well.

It is up to you and the doc to fix this mess. Travel around the world and collect vials and time machine parts to rebuild the time machine. Rescue lost friends and save the world!

Grab Lab is a puzzle platformer with an emphasis on quick grappling action. Tap the screen to make your hero grapple above them. Once they hit the ceiling, they will change the direction they are walking.

Well-timed taps are a must to get through some of these levels, as they are full of spikes, saws, launchers, and other deadly obstacles!

With over 100 levels and 7 different worlds to explore, Grab Lab is the ultimate gravity-defying platformer! Grab Lab is available now on the iOS App Store!


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