Apex Legends Mobile is buckling up for its Season 2 “Distortion” launch, taking place on July 12, 2022, across the Android and iOS platforms. With the Season update, players are getting a new character called Rhapsody—a Legend exclusive to the Mobile version of Apex Legends. Seeing that, we have players who want to learn about Apex Legends Mobile’s new Legend Rhapsody’s Abilities, Weapon, and more.

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So, without any further ado! Let us check out Rhapsody’s Passive, Tactical and Ultimate abilities, and her Legend Progression Perks. 

Apex Legends Mobile New Legend Rhapsody: Abilities

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Similar to any other character in Apex Legends Mobile, the new Legend Rhapsody has three unique abilities and six Legend Progression Perks that you can unlock through the Perk tree. 

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Here is a look at Rhapsody’s Passive, Tactical and Ultimate abilities:

Passive: Gifted Ear

You pick up and visualize sounds from an extended range.

Tactical: Hype Anthem

Play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squadmates and recharges shields. Taking damage will end the effect.

Ultimate Ability: Rowdy’s Rave

Rowdy projects a wall of flashing lights that block incoming sight and scans.

Legend Progression Perks

Here are the Legend Progression Perks for Rhapsody that you can unlock to maximize the output of her Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate abilities. 

  • Volume Control – Squadmates affected by your Tactical temporarily gain Gifted Ear.
  • Sound Bleed -Occasionally see nearby 3D sound visualizations effects through walls.
  • Tuned In – Continuous running increases the range of Gifted Ear.
  • Reverb – The more squadmates your Tactical affects, the longer it lasts.
  • Harmony – Your Tactical increases the speed of revives and the effect of healing items.
  • Rowdy’s Rhythm – During your ultimate, squadmates standing near Rowdy reload faster.

Apex Legends Mobile is currently available on Android and iOS platforms. 

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Apex Legends Mobile New Legend Rhapsody: Abilities, Weapon, and More


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