Apeirophobia: How to Beat Level 13


Roblox is an incredibly popular platform for creating and playing various games. Creators have made more than 5 million Roblox games of various genres, including Horror. And one of the most popular Roblox horrors is Apeirophobia. In the game, you have to go through different levels with puzzles and Entities. And in this guide, we will tell you how to beat Level 13 in Apeirophobia.

How to Beat Level 13

Apeirophobia is a horror game based on Backrooms creepypasta. The player wakes up at the beginning in a strange yellow office and tries to find a way out. But with each level, you will meet more and more frightening Entities. Moreover, in some levels, you will need to solve a puzzle to unlock the exit, such as in Level 13.

Level 13 in Apeirophobia is a family park with different trampolines, mazes, and rides. Balloons and festive banners hang everywhere, and there are plates with glasses on the tables. In short, the place does not look abandoned, however, you will not find anyone in this location, almost.

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When you first get to Level 13, to the right hallway with your spawn you should pick up a Note with 5 stars. After that, you have to search half of the park in search of 5 Stars. They are large enough that you can spot them from afar. And as soon as you activate all 5 Stars, you will open a passage to the second part of the location.

Next, you need to find three teddy bears to open the doors on the stage in one of the rooms. However, you will now be hunted by the Entity. It is invisible and can only be seen through the camera. It will also constantly teleport behind you.

You must look at the Entity, or it will kill you. After you have moved a short distance from it, you can continue your search. And so you will have to repeat these actions many times. After picking up the last teddy bear, you can go through the doors on the stage and get to Level 14.

That’s all you need to know about Level 13 in Apeirophobia. Follow our tips, and you will be able to beat this level easily. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to solve “The End” Code in Roblox Apeirophobia.

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Apeirophobia: How to Beat Level 13


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