Another Eden Sealed Realm Guide: Bosses, Rewards, Tips and Cheats


The Sealed Realm is a special area that is designed to help you farm up resources to strengthen your party in Another Eden. The Sealed Realm is split into two different dungeons: Transitory Time Space and Ephemeral Time Space. Today, we’ll walk you through both areas in our Another Eden Sealed Realm bosses, rewards, tips and cheats guide!

Transitory Time Space Guide

Transitory Time Space is the first dungeon you’ll unlock, and it has two difficulties: Hard and Very Hard. It is recommended that you are level 25 for Hard, and 60 for Very Hard. The Transitory Time Space grants a ton of experience, so bring characters you want to level up here.

There are three types of enemies you can encounter in the Transitory Time Space, regardless of difficulty.

  • Keepers: Weak to blunt and pierce attacks
  • Stewards: Weak to slash and blunt attacks
  • Synth Uroboros: Weak to slash and magic attacks

You can also encounter two types of Horrors here, and you should always fight them if you can, as they are worth an amazing amount of experience—roughly 110,000 to be exact!

  • House Keepers: Weak to blunt and pierce attacks
  • Land Stewards: Weak to slash and blunt attacks

The Transitory Time Space’s layout is designed sort of like a box: there are six main horizontal hallways with connecting vertical passageways. You can find treasure chests that contain Medium Class Scrolls (High Class Scrolls on Very Hard) inside.

At the end of the dungeon, you’ll face off against an otherworldly entity known as the Visus Embryo. It will start the battle off being weak to wind, but on the next turn, it’ll cycle to a new weakness. Visus Embryo’s weakness cycle is wind, earth, fire, water, then it loops back to wind. Make sure to hit with the correct element, and you should be fine.

One more thing you should know is that the Visus Embryo casts a powerful magic attack on your party called Destruction Time after it uses Recovery Time. Be ready to counter it or protect your party!

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Ephemeral Time Space Guide

Ephemeral Time Space is the second location of the Sealed Realm, and it is recommended that your party is around level 75 before you venture inside. This dungeon only has one difficulty, and you can earn tons and tons of Git inside. This is the place to farm if you’re looking to fill your wallet!

Ephemeral Time Space kind of has a similar layout to Transitory Time Space, so you should have no trouble navigating it. You’ll encounter three enemies in here: Chimedes, Iron Giants, and Phantom Dusts. Unfortunately, these guys have no weaknesses, so hit them with your hardest-hitting attacks.

There’s exactly one Horror to find here, and that’s the Time Layer Crystal. Similar to the regular enemies, the Time Layer Crystal has no weakness, so you’ll need to hit it with everything you’ve got.

The treasure chests within Ephemeral Time Space will always contain Gold Lumps, rare metals that can be sold for 100,000 Git a piece.

The boss of Ephemeral Time Space is the Time Layer Distortion, the same boss you fought in the story mode. It behaves similarly to how it did in the story mode battle—it will distort time periods and use different attacks from the corresponding periods. Buff your party, debuff Time Layer Distortion, and you should be able to win with relative ease.

That concludes our guide on Another Eden’s Sealed Realm. If you’ve got any other good strategies to get through these dungeons, let us know in the comments below!

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Another Eden Sealed Realm Guide: Bosses, Rewards, Tips and Cheats


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