Another Case Solved Cheats: Tips & Tricks for 3 Star Ratings


If I were to describe Another Case Solved, I’d be soon left without superlatives. It is indeed an amazing game and one that’s really difficult to beat especially later on. So I’ve decided to create this article filled with Another Case Solved cheats: actually a set of tips & tricks and a game guide that will help you get the 3 star ratings on all cases and fail as few as possible.

And since being a detective is not that easy, let’s jump straight into action with our Another Case Solved tips and cheats!

1. Collect as many pieces during the match three game
There are two different types of items you can collect during the match three game in Another Case Solved: the basic ones (like footprints, question marks and so on) and the special ones, like evidences (maps, fingerprints and so on). You can’t have too many of each, so try to collect as many – start with huge chains of clues to reward you with more Evidence. Then try to collect evidence only when you have rows available, otherwise you will basically waste moves. This is easier said that done, so make sure to use your skills and tools to help you achieve that goal. Not to mention the fact that the more you have at the end of the case, the bigger your bonus.

2. Check out the upcoming requirements
You can’t progress on the match three board if you reach a suspect and don’t meet the item requirements. In that case, make sure to always look up on that bar and see what requirements are coming. If the suspects are already on the top bar, the items you collect will count even if you haven’t reached them. If they are not, you will only see the icon of the Clues of Evidence required and you should try not to remove that from the board to make things easier for when the suspects appear.

3. Unlock Skills, Tools and replenish them
Fortunately, you can purchase all skills and tools (and get extra uses) for in game bucks, the basic currency that you earn from completing cases. Make sure you always fill them up and have them there to use for whenever you don’t have any other options. In many cases they saved my life in the game, so don’t be afraid to use them!

4. Replay failed cases
You have the option to replay an important case, so don’t worry about failing them. If the situation looks bad from start and you were not able to get enough evidence or clues to help you during the investigation, it’s better to drop the case and restart than waste valuable tools and money on it. Start fresh and hope to be lucky.

5. How to complete the Item Searching part
When you get to a house, searching for items, you will have a limited amount of time to find that item and a lot of places to explore. The secret here is to keep an eye on your “Intuition meter” which is right next to the room: the higher the green meter goes, the closer you are to finding the item. Whenever you get the “closer” message, it means you are getting close and moving into the right direction. A message like “Keep looking” means that you’re getting father, so move back to the previous place and try to get a “closer” message. As soon as you get to the right room, you will have to search through the items there. Either use a tool to search faster or use your instinct again to look for the item (since usually they are “hidden” in logical places – aka a report inside an envelope in a drawer).

6. Get new skills on the Pin Board
When you level up in Another Case Solved, you gain stars. These can be used to unlock new skills or tools and they can be extremely helpful. Make sure you check them all out and unlock the ones you feel you’ll need the most. It won’t be easy to get them all, so be very selective. Hint: Get the Squad Car Patrol and Interrogation skills first, they will really come in handy!

7. Don’t spend money on your looks
At first, it might seem that you get all the nice bonuses and goodies and you have all the money in the world. Which is not true, because many of the items you need are really expensive. So never invest money in changing your looks. Instead, spend them on replenishing your skills and power-ups and on getting new furniture.

8. What furniture to get
Since it’s pretty expensive, you should make sure that you only get the most useful furniture first. The Battered Cabinet would be a good starting point since you will earn more per case, and so will most of the “Basic Furniture” category items. The Phone is also really good since you can get candy for watching advertisements. Don’t get the Dressing Room furniture until you have a ton of money because they won’t really help you with the core game.

9. How to be successful at interrogations
It’s all about asking the right questions. Look at your suspects and ask questions that would eliminate the most people. Also have in mind that any additional question will cost 1 evidence more, so plan ahead. If in doubt, you can always eliminate suspects using power-ups.

This would be for now our strategy guide for Another Case Solved. If you have other tips and tricks to share, let us know by commenting below!

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Another Case Solved Cheats: Tips & Tricks for 3 Star Ratings


  1. I don’t know if it’s just me but in the match 3 parts sometimes you have to find fingerprints or brass knuckles… I’ve done at least a dozen cases and I’ve yet to see a single one of these items so I fail every one that has either the fingerprint or the knuckles..
    Can someone help me with this? Is it just me or is this game just flawed and stupid in this area?

    • These Special Items are awarded when you match 5 or more items in a row. Fingerprints come from matching Magnifying Glasses and Brass Knuckles come from Keys. Match at least 5 and they will drop for sure.

      • I have been matching upwards of 10 in a row each of keys and magnifying glasses, and never once has either a fingerprint or a brass knuckle appeared. Any idea why it works for some of us and not others? I’d like to enjoy the game but can’t if it isn’t working properly…

    • You need to connect 5 of like items to get maps, photographs, brass knuckles, detective shields and more. If you click and hold on an item it will show what five items will give you. Holding footprints for instance shows you that 5 will give you 1 map.
      Hope this helps.

    • You have to get five of a certain item to get the special item
      5 donuts =1 badge
      5 keys = 1 “brass knuckles”
      5 quotes with a ? = a picture
      5 footprints = a map
      5 keys + 1 thief = thief off board

      • Fingerprints come from collecting magnify glasses and brass knuckles from keys. Every item in match three if you hold down your finger on it you cam ser the collection rate and item rewarded. You have to get five of any match three item to get the clue item I.e five keys equals one brass knuckle. Also if you collect I think it is three clue items together you get a bonus I.e collecting three brass knuckles at once gets you a bonus icon which will double whatever chain you link it with I.e if you link it with 11 keys you’ll get 22.

        • I can’t get past finding the bomb in “BOMBING THE BALLOT”. It’s level 17. I can get past the wires for bombs. I found the makings of the bombs but they are not correct. Help?

          • On the map there are 3 locations with alarms activated. Next to those 3 are rooms with alarm boxes, informing which wire to cut to deactivate the alarm.

            For the bomb cut the one that’s DOESN’T appear in the alarm boxes.

          • I had to play “bombing the ballot” three times to figure it out. The second time I got lucky, but there had to be an answer on the map. There is. There are three alarm boxes you need the two on the left to get past rooms. Once you do, you come to the library, which is not marked but your detective says, this looks like the place they made the bomb”. Look at all the items in that room – you will see a fuse, tool case and a yellow wire. That will be the wire to cut to deactivate the bomb. I know this is late, but hope it helps someone.

      • 5 Donuts + police officer = police off the board.
        If you don’t get rid of the police officer he will take majority of everything you collect.

    • You can find bonescasses in the case. Start the case: Disappearing Daugter and when you reach the part where you have to point out the crime location on the citymap you can reveal locations with 9 footprints. Reveal the most left location (in the corner) and you will get the bonus case! The otherones i don’t know, They can be hidden everywhere!

      • To unlock the bonus case in the valued vinyl case, u have to open the employee room (locked room) and check out the record in the cabinet on the far right. There r 2 candies there too. Ur character will play the record and thus open the first of two bonus cases in chapter 1. Hope this helps others.

        • Can you please help me find the universal key? I can’t seem to complete many missions cuz one of the apartment door seems to be locked and cnt seem to locate the key, also m stuck at level 7 and cnt go further unless I collect the stars. Iv been only solving the newspaper missions. How do I find this key? Iv bought every furniture, tools etc m at the verge of giving up now

    • The cases with a question mark paper-clipped to them are the ones with bonus cases. Vengeful Vampire is in Tedious Testament in the Crime Scene search. In one of the rooms there is a poster that you need to select, even though you’re not close to the item you’re searching for. Sorry I can’t be more detailed – I don’t remember the details.

      Has anyone figured out how to find Friendly Faces?

      Also, there are awards for completing “Challenges” but I can’t find the challenges – anyone know how to get to those?

      And finally, anyone know how to use the UV Lamp for “one intuition”? It’s always locked when I try to use it.

      • Friendly faces is through Facebook, either you have to connect to Facebook or like the game page. I can’t remember for sure but I think you have to like their page.

        Challenges you can see at least part of on the achievements wall, it’ll say something like, “complete grumpy grandpa looking like an old timer”. I beieve that’s them, unless there’s some other way to get more specific details, I tried that one but it didn’t work so idk what denotes looking like an old timer (tried twice, both times with glasses and once with grey hair and once with white, neither worked)

        My only guess for this one is that you already have a full intuition. tools get locked when there’s no need for them. For example, during the puzzle portion, if there are no footprints on the board, the foot cast tool (collect all footprints) becomes locked since there are none to collect.

    • If you’re talking about the apartment one, you have to go all the way around, it’s gonna say you’re going farther but eventually you’ll get closer!

    • Like the other person said, sometimes there is a way to go around and enter a locked room from another room. But also you receive a few different tools that you have to select to use when you encounter a locked room to pick the lock

    • If the police is on your board, you will not get any evidence at all. So you have to get rid of the police (by connecting him to 5 donuts) first before you can gather evidences

  2. Just started to play and I’m having trouble collecting evidence, eg, footprints. I connect them all with a line but when I remove my finger nothing happens. What am I missing?

    Thanks for any help.

  3. I can’t get past the last case of first level, missing documents. I gather everything but always says “I shouldn’t have spent so much time on foot work”
    Anyone have any clues to help

    • I have earned enough money and candy to buy all furniture, acquire and use tons of tools, etc but The Disappearing Documents case in first level just takes me to puzzles keeping me from moving forward since hint is call judge first but can not. Getting tired of no crime scenes

    • To find the secret cases you you should not try to solve the mission too, go for either ending the mission or finding the secret case, to find the secret case you need to look in the rooms… Just look around in the different rooms and click on items like the desk to find hidden objects like a message on a board or a cop’s badge or even a file with a secret case in it.

  4. I’m stuck on the mastermind level on I think the third episode. I always get stuck at the part where they’re searching the bank and they trip the alarm. Which wire do I cut?? I’m so stuck!!

  5. The best trick: if you’re stuck on A level, doesn’t matter what part, just pause the game en go to the main menu. Then click continue and then choose continue case. You’ll be able to do the level again, without Paying any money or doing the other parts of the level again. For example: i found all the evidence needed, found the right location, but got stuck on finding the right suspect, just hit pause and try to find the suspect again with the information you already know. Very handy if you want collect three stars per case!

  6. I get stuck when I try and search the city. I ask for a hint (and pay for it with whatever) then the city goes dark and footprints appear. I can usually open a few but then nothing happens on the others. How do I proceed?

    • In the first part of the mission try to collect as many footprints as possible, otherwise you’ll have to buy the locations. But if you try to collect as many footprints as possible and get all the special ones like the maps required you will be able to find the locations you are looking for.

    • You might have to play that part of the game a few times to get it. You have to look at other rooms at the scene, and examine anything that looks like a fuse box on the walls. Inside it will be just one wire, the same color as the wire you have to cut in the alarmed room for that scene.

    • Whenever you’re about to enter the room, there is a power-box on the wall that when you investigate it, it will show you which wire to cut. If there is no power-box in the next room with a wire it’s the same wire as before.

    • I have this problem too, but there isn’t any answer on different forums. There was something about surrounding the icon of a burglar , which appears on the game field, with keys. I couldn’t do it, I tried dozen times :)))))

  7. Regarding the tricky alarms where you have to cut the right wire: the wires attChed to the alarm bell have always been blue or red. Once, I guessed red & got it wrong. I still feel like I’m clueless as to the REAL answer, but since my method has worked twice in a row, I’ll share it. If it works for you, too, please let me know! I simply look at which wire is attached *DIRECTLY* to the bell (it will only be 1 of the 2). Both times, mine as the blue one, so I cut it & the alarm was disabled. Additional info: both times, the blue wire was the 1st wire in the “select the right wire to cut” row of options (meaning, it was on the far left, directly below the alarm bell). Hope that makes sense: this has been a troublesome one for me!

    • Somewhere close to the room is a fuse box-looking thing, takes two seconds to search, it will tell you the right wire to cut. If there are two wires than the wire that’s closest to the room with the alarm is the right wire (one time there were two rooms with alarms and one fuse box between them). Going back does not set off the alarm, sometimes the box is two moves away, but it’s there somewhere.

  8. I tried Stacy’s method and it doesn’t work for me mainly because the wires in the alarm bell never seem to change. The blue wire is the one that always look directly connected while the red wire is kind of curled up but still connected to the alarm bell.

    From what I’ve noticed, I can usually get past the alarms on my first time trying the case. But if I have to redo the stage (force quit the app and restart), that’s when things get difficult. Perhaps it’s a precaution that the devs put in for “cheating” the game (cheating, for lack of a better word). Because it seems to me like the wires are very random.

  9. Update: it’s not based on the color of the wire that connects to the alarm bell. My next attempts will be the wire that’s farthest to the left (directly beneath the bell) in the row of selections. Today, that one was yellow, but I tried the blue & failed. My only other thought would be based on the shapes of the wires. Ive been trying to incorporate this method & keep track of it, & today I had narrowed it down to yellow or blue… Who knows. Hope we find the solution soon!

    • I’ve found that in rooms that enter into the alarmed rooms, there is usually a electrical box on the wall. Open the box and it will show up what color wire to cut.

    • If you search the rooms around the room with the alarm, you can find a box, usually locked that can be opened with a tool, and inside it contains the color you need to connect.

  10. I’ve found that you can usually bypass the alarms by finding a different way around. Like in chapter 3 “Curious Circumstances” you don’t even need to get inside the house…what you need to find is around the back. I’ve solved all the cases up until now without cutting a single wire. I don’t know if that’s the solution but it’s worked for me (so far anyway)

  11. UPDATE: I got to the the last case and did have to cut the wire to disable the alarm. But I found that if you cut the wrong one they give you a second (you’ll see the quick countdown timer) to cut the rest of the wires and that’s how I got by… Hope that helps!

    • You need to walk trough the rooms until you end up in the location providence street, literally the case where that’s written, then it’s the middle car and you’ll find a business card….

  12. That is exactly my problem. I’ve finished all cases with 3 stars and 4 bonus cases with 3 stars but can’t find the 5th bonus case anywhere? So I’m only needing those 3 stars to unlock level 18… Does anyone know where this last bonus case is? As it’s not attached to any other cases??

  13. Chapter 3 marzipan murder when I was searching for the location one clue only gave me 9 locations as a possibility I was excited thinking yay easy 3 stars! However after looking at all the clues there was not one lactation available for all of them. I used clues to see if the area was correct looked at all 9 possibilities and none were right. I forfeited earning 3 stars but am curious if anyone else had this problem or knows what I’m doing incorrectly.

    • I think you misunderstood…. I think you clicked on the wrong button, ’cause I’ve tried several times and never have that …

      I just get the regular clues, not 9 locations…
      Didn’t you click on the show clues, wich shows where the locations from the clues are and not the real clues, hope you understand… I mean if the clue is 2 away from pubs, it shows everything 2 away from pubs, but if you press on pubs, it will show you all the pubs on the map… You see the difference?

  14. I cant find out how the burglar got into the house on the brilliant burglar case?? im right there but i cant find out how he got in some one help me lol

  15. Last secret mission…

    I have tried liking the game on Facebook but it continues saying that the app does not have permission. So then I give it permission and it still won’t log in…

    Any ideas? Last one I need.

  16. Ok I’m stuck on curious circumstsnces, the house with the alarms! Im going around the house and it keeps saying closer even though I’m at the top of the clue meter thing and the evidence isn’t in there apparently. Can someone please tell me where it is?!?

  17. Hi amber

    For jittery judge, during the room searching, get to the room marked ‘office’ which is at the bottom part. Choose the middle object which is a study desk & select the first item. Which is a piece of paper. U will then unlock the bonus chapter called “Prohibited pinatas”

  18. Guys plzz help me out!! I can’t find the phone booth in chapter 1!! I’ve been stuck for weeks. Please please help me out. where is the stupid phone booth?????

  19. HELP!! I’m in a case where there is a Fire — the more rooms I moved to the Fire will spread out to more places. I need to find Where the Fire started?? Thanks

  20. I’ve a problem with case : Missing meatpie. I’ve collected for several times all the requested clues in their quantites 4/4/6 (4 maps, 4 digital printis and 6 “fotos”) but at the end it never works, it is always “failed” what’s goin on ??? is there something wrong, a bug? I can’t go ahead !!!
    I there any possibility to avoid a case ?

    • if you finished chapters 1-4 and all the bonus cases you can’t do anything else but play short cases to earn money. If you’re only on level 11 then go back and re do cases to get 3 stars out of all of them. If you have done that and you have bought the achievement boards works on those. I”m on level 18 finished all the cases but still have a ton of challenges to complete.

  21. I wonder if any of you Could help me out. I can watch the ads and earn extra candy when I play the game but my friend can’t. she only had this option once and since then has been struggling to earn candies while I get them easier because I wwatch thé ads. Any ideas why the in-game phone with ads isn’t working anymore on her mobile?

  22. Can someone please help me figure out how to get past the match3 in missing documents case? Ive done it dozens of times and can’t get past it. It seems I’m collecting everything but keep getting ” I shouldn’t have spent so much time…” Help….?

  23. I am already at the chapter 4: bonus cases stage…but I can only reveal case 1: friendly faces…I wont be able to unlock the rest of the bonus cases…why?

    • You have to find clues in the other cases to unlock the bonus cases. For example in one case you find a recored and it opens a bonus case, for another one you find a flyer in a church for someone advertising for a vampire hunter.

  24. I am currently playing chapter 2 and have went back to chapter 1 to replay a couple of cases where I only recieved two stars, but it only shows the last three or four cases completed in the file cabinet. Is there a way to access all previous major cases?

    • In the file cabinet where it shows you the chapter you’re in there should be a left and right arrow you can press to change chapters. You need to press the left arrow and go back to chapter one.

  25. Hello all!!

    My question is when trying to locate where a person lives on the map how do you count the spaces?
    I dont get they say the apt is located 1 from the coffee shop, I dont get it and I always pick the wrong location and that sucks can someone pls lend a helping hand… Thanks in advance!!

    • If you click on the clue in the tool part it will light up all the places it could be. You have to figure out which space is lit up for every map clue given. Find out which space they have in common. Does that make sense? if it says 3 from a school icon but you don’t have the school icon unhidden it won’t show you correctly. Find all the icon and click each map clue and then pay attention to the lit up areas. Good luck

  26. Have you been awarded all the achievements? I’m still doing newspaper cases trying to do all the challenges and collect 1500 fingerprints, badeges and what not. Not as fun as the full cases but something to do while we wait. It also gets the competitiveness in my going way more than the cases cause it takes way more time!

  27. I just got the new update, Chapter 4. what is the new thing on the board that looks like a firecracker? What does it do and how do you get rid of it?

  28. So I’m on chapter 4 case: Gangplank gang, and I’m totally stick on the searching/ investigation part! I know I need the crane, but how do I get to it or use it? Ughhh help me please!!

  29. How on earth do I go into the secret passage in the vengeful vampire secret case? I found it, but that doesn’t find the right evidence, so I assume I need to go inside it or something but I have no idea how. I try tapping, sliding, using tools. The map doesn’t change, doesn’t give me an extra place to ‘explore’ or any thing. I’m stumped. 50/50 that I’m totally oblivious to something obvious or that my game is just glitched.

  30. Please can someone explain rules on phone ads? Do they stop with any purchase you make ? I bought something from the pin board & they stopped again ! This keeps happening & I lose them for days ! I rely on the candy from the ads !! THANKS !!

  31. Whenever you finish a case there is a part that says “bonus” and it ALWays says 0 at the end of a case…? I have never seen it have anything added to it? Is there something I’m not doing?

    • the blue ones that are only on some rooms? Those mean that there are tools and/or candy to be found if you search the objects in that room. There’s a skill you can get from bulletin board behind the desk that lets you differentiate whether it’s candy or tools , without it you just have to search everything and see.

  32. I’m working on the challenges by playing newspaper games and can’t figure out how to collect 3 or 4 candies in one move. I frequently earn 3 candies at the end of the newspaper game when I collect all the coins but the candies are not next to each other in order for me to collect In one move.

    can anyone help me with this?

    Also, does anyone have a tip to earn 4 candies at the end of a newspaper game? The most I’ve earned is 3 candies.

    (Sorry my message is in all lowercase – my Iphone won’t allow me to capitalize on this forum post)

    • you’d have to use the “slight of hand” skill before you run out of moves to put them all next to each other. If you don’t have that, you get it from using the bulletin board that’s behind the desk in the office, you can acquire skills if you have enough stars and levels earned for whichever you want. The slight of hand skill is on the second row from the bottom, second from the left, at least on my OS, don’t how different they might across others.

      The most I’ve ever gotten is 3 also. And nothing happens if you collect them 3 at a time, so that’s not so much a big deal. I just ignore the candies until I’ve run out of moves. They’re still there after so no sense wasting a move to collect them.

      • I actually figured out the answer to my own question! The key is to earn a whole bunch of coins in the newspaper challenge. Instead of collecting all the coins at the end of the game, I collected them while i still had moves left. Then I was able to use my “slight of hand” to put all the candies side-by-side. At one point in the game, I was able to collect 5 candies in one move!

        After I got to the coin part of the newspaper game, I turned all the icons to footprints. I collected as many footprints as possible to turn into coins (5 footprints produce a coin) each turn. When I ran out of space, I collected all the coins (10 coins produce a candy) and made sure the next move were more footprints. I did this process several times until I had 4 candies. Then I moved each candy so I could collect them with one move. Bingo! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before!

        • yes I do that sometimes. Although I’ve never gone for more than 3 because I consider earning cash as important as earning candies, and after a certain point of using so many tools that will need to be replaced you end up not breaking even.

          I’m curious why you think it’s so important to collect the candies in 1 move? When I collected 3 at once nothing happened, no special perk or anything, so that’s why I started just ignoring the candies until after I’d totally run out of moves. Because you can collect them 1 by 1 wherever they are even after you’ve run out of moves. You just can’t earn more coins/candy or move things around at that point.

          • Alisha – I was trying to figure out how to collect 3 and/or 4 candies in one move because it is a bonus challenge. Since I cleared those challenges, I was provided with new tasks to earn money/candies. I typically focus on the bonus challenges when I’m earning newspapers.

  33. After you get the green check on your file for finding the bonus case what is the next move or isn’t there another bonus case that needs to be solved?? I’d love to know the answer to this and also if you get a orange bonus coin during a newspaper search what does that do for my case??

    • Bonus cases are their own chapter. So when you’re looking at regular cases use the arrows and the bonus cases are after chapter 4.

      The bonus adds a multiplier to whatever you collect with it. So example, if you were collecting foot 5 prints, and collected the bonus with it, it multiplies by 2 and you’ll actually get 10 foot prints. It does not double the clues that drop (so in the example you still only get one map, not two), and I don’t believe it counts towards what the goals, like if a person needed 10 more foot prints to move on, and you did like my example I think it would stay that they still needed 5 more, because the extra 5 didn’t count. I can’t really remember though. They will work on coins in the newspaper cases, so I always save them for that (which is why I can’t remember if they counted for goals or not ) but they don’t work on candy. They also stack, if you had 2 bonuses and collected them both the multiplier would go up to x3, and so on. You get the bonuses in normal cases too, and then it’s more helpful for gathering extra clues.

      • I checked last time I played, the bonuses DO count for the goals (the people at the top, can’t for the life of me remember what they’re called) So if someone needed 2 fingerprints, and you had 1 fingerprint and bonus, you could put them together and it would multiply and count for the 2 that were needed.

  34. I’m really curious what the challenges are? I can’t seem to find a list of them anywhere and under my “diplomas” it says I’ve completed #% of them but I don’t know how I’ve done any of that. I would also love to know how to achieve the Max bonus!

    • You can see the challenges in the upper right corner when you press “pouse” button. Also you can see it when you finish the newspaper case, and one more variant when you put on “pouse” putton during the any case.
      Typically you should collect something (footprints, magnifiers ets.)

  35. They say there are seven bonus cases. I have done six. I can’t find the seventh one which one am I missing and how do I get it. Here are the ones I have

  36. There are seven bonus cases I have only six.
    1. Friendly Faces
    2. Rogue Recording
    3. Barber’s Briefcase
    4. Vengeful Vampire
    5. Probited Pinatas
    6. Dramatic Dining

    I need to know how do I get the last bonus case.

    • Bonus Case “Fishy Fraud” is picked up in “Suspicious Strike”. When you are searching the boat for candy go to pier underneath (via Boat) and pick up a bag found on the boat image.

  37. Anyone know why I’m not able to use the Paperclip or Universal Key in the Vengeful Vampire bonus case? I purchased 3 of each before the case but it shows a padlock symbol over them when I get to the map part of that case. ??

    • You can only use the items when there is something to use them on. For example, if there is no locked room, the universal key will show a padlock so that you don’t accidentally waste it. When you come to a locked room that you want to enter, the key will become available. Same idea for the paperclip etc.

    • Divide the max Bonus to five (7000/5 If max Bonus is 7000) then divide it again to five (1400/5=280) collect 280 of each evidence. You will get the max bonus

  38. I found a neat trick that where you can collect the candies faster.

    The candy clock rolls over every 12 hrs so that you can collect them.

    I have an OS device. I turn off automatic time setting and manually roll fwd the time and date 12hrs.
    (I actually do 12hrs 1 min or you have to wait a few secs for the end of your current min to count down).

    Go back to the game and hey presto the candies are ready to collect again.

    Do this over and over as many times as you like collecting the daily sign in bonuses as you go.

    You are now able to upgrade the furniture and tools much much quicker.

    NOTE: when you set the clock back to the right date / time and date the candy clock will indicate that you cannot collect candies for several hours as you have already had them. but hey you have upgraded to where you want so who cares.

    hopefully this post doesnt create a game fix update, get those candies asap just incase.

  39. Another one i found, whilst solving the big cases, and you know where the final location or person is or item your looking for. On iOS you can exit the game, double tap the home key swipe the game to close it, then reopen it. it will bring you back to the beginning of that part of the case and you can go right to the final part without using your hints as they regenerate to what it was prior to stating that part of the case, therefore keeping all the items you have collected and ending with a bigger bonus.

  40. My question is how the heck do you get 3 stars on the cases. I do everything myself, use no tools, no contacts, yet it still won’t give me that last star. I was able to get 3 stars for the first 5 cases, but none after that. What do they consider getting help from your contacts?

    • Carrie R: Using tools is not considered cheating and does not penalize you in any way. My advise is to use as many tools as you can!!

      Getting help from your contacts happens when you don’t quite have enough accomplished in the particular puzzle to go to the next one. I am not sure on the exact requirements but it will definitely let you know in game when you use your contacts. It will say something like “You weren’t able to………….., use your contacts to continue with the case”. It’s been a long time since I’ve used my contacts so I’m not sure on the exact dialog.

      I hope this helps.

    • You need to find all the required evidence, not just the evidence required by witnesses you are questioning. You won’t get the third star if you only have the minimum evidence.

  41. How do you unlock the last case in chapter 3, Mysterious Mastermind? I have got 3 stars in all the cases and bonus cases. Am I missing something or just not waiting long enough for it to populate?


  42. What is the skills reset in the furniture section?? Im afraid it will wipe away my skills progress if I buy it, but is it worth it? Has anyone bought the skills reset?

    • I bought the “reset” ($6,000) and it shows up as a button on the lower left when you open the bulletin board. Like yourself I am afraid to tap it for fear it might “reset” all my skills to zero levels. Has anyone actually bought then tapped this… what happens?

      • Same! I would think that’s the point to reset all your skills, but my question is do we get back all the stars we spent on them already or do we have to start over. If we got back all the stars we could change which skills we buy without losing anything. But I’m afraid to try in case it doesn’t return the stars xp

        • You do indeed get all your candies and stars you spent back. It’s really helpful if say you have over invested n the search the city section and you need more skills in the investigation section. Reset your skills and you can respond everything you need

  43. anyone remember what the nervous looking suspects in the interrogation level do? I can’t seem to remember how to use their ability/eliminate them efficiently.

  44. If you click on the bulletin board to open the skills area, then click on the reset button (lower left corner), a dialogue box opens. You have the option to get all your stars & candies back that you spent on skills. Well worth doing for me. I was able to upgrade skills that I found most useful and not bother re-acquiring skills I hadn’t been using.

  45. the skill reset is worth using. there are some skills that i bought and never used. By resetting, I as able to re-distribute the candy and stars and acquire/upgrade the skills I used most to the max.

  46. help???? I’m stuck on level 21. 16/22 stars. I’ve completed all cases up to Chapter 5. but only completed 7/10 bonus cases. Please, what have i done wrong???

  47. Heres a question:

    Newspaper cases:…person at the top “shouting” for a taxi… What do they want??? I thought maybe
    donuts—> police badges —> taxi (next move is free)
    But no. Usually, by the time they show up, I do not have enough moves left to scootch them all the way to the left to see what they need. You cannot use “next move is free” candies or badges, or really any tool it seems that is not a regular move because they don’t move over. I keep blowing cases! Help?

  48. I can’t get past finding the bomb in “BOMBING the ballot”. I can turn off the alarms. I found the room with bomb making materials. It’s level 17.

  49. Can anyone please help me locate or find the universal key to open the locked apartment? I am stuck at level 7 and I cnt seem to go further. I have bought every furniture, tools etc from the store, I cudnt find it! How do I open the locked apartment? Please help!

  50. Can someone help me? I’ve finished all cases from Chapters 1-3 and got three stars on all of ’em. Now I don’t know how to get to Chapter 4. :( Please help.


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