The world of anime clashes into one big battle! Anime Arena takes all of your favorite characters from hit animes and crams them into a pocket-sized strategy RPG. Enlist heroes from your favorite shows and lead them to victory in a quest to protect the world from Cthulhu! Let’s get the journey started with our Anime Arena cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Inlay your wards!

Excuse the wording, but you unlock wards after the third battle. Wards are sort of like equipment, and you can equip six pieces to each section of your formation. Whenever you get a new piece, be sure to equip because the stat boosts you get from wards are immense! Even better – when you manage to fill all six slots, you can then sacrifice all the pieces to permanently upgrade that formation line for a massive stat increase.

2. Draw your free cards!

You can summon new heroes for free! Just tap the Draw Card button in the bottom right corner of the main menu. You can draw a junior common card free every ten minutes, or spend 10,000 gold. You can draw a senior card for free every two days, or spend a hefty amount of diamonds. Be sure to collect your free heroes to increase your team.

3. Have a hero falling behind? Use a EXP fruit!

After the tutorial is over, you’ll be rewarded with Little EXP fruits. Hey, they kind of look like bananas! Who knew that bananas could unlock so much potential? Anyways, these exp bananas are worth 150 experience, which is a lot for low level heroes. If you summon a new hero and need them to catch up quickly, use these amazing bananas!

4. Upgrade your heroes skills!

Your heroes main method of winning fights is through using their skills. Depending on the hero, their skills will either do damage or support the team in some way. You’re going to need to improve those skills if you want to win the later fights! Open the “Fellow” menu and you’ll see your currently enlisted heroes. Tap on them to see details, and here you can improve their skills, with a gold fee of course.

5. Use the joint attack!

Your two starting heroes, Straw Hat and FireFist, share a joint attack together. It’s quite silly – Straw Hat inflates himself into a giant bowling ball and FireFist lights him on fire and knocks him straight into the enemies. It does pretty high damage, and will be your main source of burst damage early on. Try to save it for the boss fights!

6. Examine details to find out where to get things!

This goes both ways for wards or heroes themselves. If you want a specific hero or ward, tap their icon. For wards, if you tap any of the slots you can see which levels have a chance to drop them. For heroes, you need to tap the Fellow button to find out where they drop as well.

Anime Arena is a truly outrageous game. What team compositions have you come up with? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Awesome game ever salute
    I really enjoying playing this game
    ,more awewome than any rpg game
    ,but anyway add more character like fairy tail.
    Anyway stay awesome guys

  2. i know all this.. but, the way to upgrade heroes to 2stars,
    what the hell, hard like hell, the way of earning every thing, lvl,
    gems, heroes, ward, everything of upgrading, is really damn hard.. and everything need VIP to be bwst player.. waoo? are tge company eating people up?


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