Animals (Farming) Guide in Stardew Valley | Best Animals

Animals (Farming) Guide in Stardew Valley | Best Animals

Stardew Valley is a pretty versatile game. However, despite the fact that there you can start a relationship, solve mystical events, trade, and do a lot of other interesting things, the basis of the game is farming. In this guide, we’ll try to tell you all about Stardew Valley animals and how to take care of them.

Stardew Valley Animals Guide

Building and Leveling Different Buildings

In order to breed animals, you need special buildings – a coop and a barn. Both of these buildings can be upgraded to get new animals.

To build both of these buildings, you will need to walk to the Carpenter’s Shop. The most convenient way to do this is across the upper road from your farm – this is the closest way.

In the dialog box with the seller, you need to select buildings for the Farm. There are all the buildings you need, in particular, a coop and a barn. To upgrade, for example, a coop, you will need to move a little further and find the Big Coop. To build it, you choose the place where you want to build it on the map.

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Buying Animals in Stardew Valley

To buy new animals, you will need to head to Marnie’s ranch. It is located below your farm on the map. In addition to animals, she also sells various tools and animal feed. To purchase specific animals, you need to select the item “Purchase animals” in the dialogue. Initially, from the entire list of animals, only chickens and cows will be available to you. The list is based on what you have already built. To unlock the rest of the animals, you need to upgrade the buildings.

Animal Care

Once you buy the animals, they will need to be looked after. Every day you need to go up to them. If a heart appears above them, it means that everything is fine and they love you. It is also necessary to regularly give food to them. There should be hay, but it only appears in the fall, so you will have to buy it first. The animal you buy can be at any stage of development.

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When you build a coop, an incubator will appear in the upper left corner. The incubator appears after 1 upgrade of the coop. When you collect eggs, you can immediately put them there so that after a while you will have a chicken.

Friendship Scale in Stardew Valley

Animals have such an indicator as a friendship scale. It rises by several points each time you pet the animal. When you click on an animal, you can see how it treats you, its condition, and its age. Through this menu, animals can be redirected to another place, and the animal can be sold. An animal without friendship points is very cheap, and you can get a lot of money from the sale of a leveled animal.

You can buy a heater for the animals for the winter. It is bought from Marnie. In addition, you can buy from the same Marnie a device for automatically collecting products that are obtained from animals, such as eggs.

Some animals, like sheep, require additional tools for themselves. In the case of sheep, this is scissors, for cows, for example, a milk box. Keep in mind that if you forget to feed the animals, you will lose 20 friendship points.

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Animals in Stardew Valley can be released outside. You just need to come close to the small door and press RMB. If the weather is good outside, the animals will come out immediately. If you let the animal out on the street, it will be very happy and you have an increased chance of getting a good product from it. But be careful: if you leave the animals overnight, wild animals may attack them, which will greatly ruin your relationship.

In spring, summer, and fall, you can plant grass for your animals right in the paddock. These sprouts are sold by Pierre, but they are quite expensive, so it is better not to mow the grass when constructing a building.

These are all of our Stardew Valley animal farming tips.

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Animals (Farming) Guide in Stardew Valley | Best Animals


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