How to Get Maximum Luck in Stardew Valley

How to Get Maximum Luck in Stardew Valley

Luck is the most beautiful thing that can be. Each of us is much happier when luck is on our side. In this article, we would share with you how to get the most luck in Stardew Valley.

What is Luck in Stardew Valley?

Luck is an important aspect of the game that greatly affects the players. For example, it affects if you find a ladder in the mine, how much loot you get, etc. To find out your luck for the day, you just need to watch the Fortune Teller on TV.

What Luck Influences in Stardew Valley

Let’s take a closer look at the aspect of luck. What exactly does it affect? If you are lucky today, you will receive the following:

  • The likelihood of finding a duck feather or a rabbit’s foot will increase, as well as the fact that you will find something in the basket in addition to garbage.
  • By cutting down a tree, you will get more wood.
  • More likely to find a ladder in a mine.
  • The quality of the mined ores will increase.
  • You will receive more treasure chests.
  • And the number of additional crops that you get when harvesting will increase.

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How to Increase your Luck in Stardew Valley

The simplest thing a player can do is eat the dish containing the maximum amount of luck and drink the same drink. At the moment, there is a very rare dish with as much as +5 luck – this is rainbow candy. Talking about the drink, you should choose the Ginger Ale. The ale recipe can be bought from the dwarf in the volcano at absolutely any time.

There is one more secret. If you find puzzle number twenty, solve it and bring the rabbit’s foot to the driver in the truck, you will receive the buff that will increase your luck forever.

Also, having a Ring of Luck, you add yourself + 1 luck. In total, you have +7 luck, and at the moment, this is the maximum value of the indicator of luck.

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How to Get Maximum Luck in Stardew Valley


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