I love playing Animal Voyage: Island Adventure and you will probably like the game too, especially if you love animals and want to get as involved as possible into saving them, at least virtually. We are here to share with you some Animal Voyage: Island Adventure cheats: tips, tricks and basically a complete walkthrough guide for the game in order to make sure that you get the most out of it, reach the hard to get to animals as fast as possible, build their homes and explore the mysterious islands completely!

So no matter if you are new to the game or an experienced player, these Animal Voyage cheats and tips will probably come in really handy!

Gameplay Basics & Interface

There are three types of currency in Animal Voyage: Island Adventure:

  • coins – the regular currency in the game, used to purchase decorations, plant food, travel to islands and so on. It is received as reward for completing quests and from the houses of the animals on your main island.
  • leaves – used to expand territory and for completing missions, the leaves are rewarded after you complete some quests or clean out trees or grass.
  • crystals – the premium currency in the game, can be used on a multitude of things and should be used with caution because it is required to progress in the game (to repair bridges, for example). They are rewarded when completing certain quests or in treasure boxes revealed when you clear vegetation on the islands. This is the type of currency that you should only spend to progress in the game if you don’t want to spend real money on it.

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This is the place where all the magic happens: you have the main island where you will unlock land to create homes for your new animals and plant food to keep their energy levels high. Then, you have the islands, where you will explore with your animals in order to rescue even more animals. Each of these furry companions has its own set of abilities and specific animals are required to clear specific obstacles.

The fun part in Animal Voyage comes from rescuing these animals: in order to do it, you will have to complete match three games and gather the required number of items. There are some things to consider here if you want to make sure you will always rescue the animals fast:

– start matching the sets of symbols at the bottom. Even if you are not matching items required for the rescue, you might end up creating new chains and getting a real blast for your actions
– however, always have in mind the items that you need to get. Since you have a limited amount of moves, make sure to plan ahead to get them all
– don’t pay for extra moves! I know that things get more and more difficult when after a while, but spending those crystals for a few extra moves is not the best idea unless you want to spend real money on the game. You will need crystals to build the bridges, while a match three game can be replayed for free. So more fun for you!

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The game itself doesn’t offer too much freedom to move around, but there are a set of generic tips and tricks that you should have in mind when playing:

– always follow the quest line. This is the only way to progress in the game and it is, anyway, a pretty slow process.
– always clear all the debris on an island: be it grass, trees, rocks or anything else, make sure you clear all the stuff there for maximum item gains and maybe some free crystals.
– spend your crystals wisely! I said it and I have to repeat this: make sure you only spend the crystals where you really have to. Prices for repairing bridges get higher and higher and you don’t want to spend a ton of real life money for the crystals, right?
– always plant food: the good thing about the food is that it never withers, so you can leave it there for as long as possible. But make sure you always have at least one plot producing food, because that gives your animals energy to help you around.

Do you enjoy playing Animal Voyage on iOS? Let us know of your strategies in the comment section below.


  1. I have a pangolin waiting at the dock.
    I have not completed the eastern jungle site.
    I know I need to build the article tower to be able to get the area of the eastern jungle site ready to build the pangolin home
    BUt I cannot seem to rescue the ermine as the pangolin is blocking the dock.

    This is like a chicken and egg problem

    Can anyone please help ?

  2. I have animals that clear everything but I am on an island that is only taking the mountain goat to but he only clears grass. I need a rock clearer but it keeps telling that the animals I need to rescue on that island are the ones to clear the rocks. can’t get to them until the rocks are clear. how can it make a animal of my choice go to an island?

  3. I’ve put the elephant terrain on my island but it won’t finish my challenge! It’s been like this for ages no matter where I move it too, what do I do?

  4. I feel this could be a fun game but I’m starting to realize it’s nothing but aggravating and a big con as I have bought lots and lots of crystals at times I had to call get refund for some so called glitch in the system this is a big con.You use to be able to choose the animal’s you send to which island now the game chooses the animal’s it sends ,you have no choice.The rewards are usually everything you have had to sell to make room in your storage to only collect the same thing you had to sell.

  5. I find the game really good except just like Sonja said you use to be able to choose your animals that you send to an island what I’ve been wondering is if there’s a cheat to speed up the building process without crystals


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