Animal Restaurant: Best Upgrades


Animal Restaurant is a cute little restaurant simulation game where you get to customize and design your own restaurant for animals. Hire staff members, develop new recipes, and roll in the cod – that’s the currency in this world, by the way.

Don’t be fooled by the saccharine design – Animal Restaurant features lots of facilities to purchase and choose from, so it can be daunting to decide what to work on next. In our Animal Restaurant best upgrades guide, we’ll talk about the upgrades to focus on first.


Your restaurant’s facilities are pretty straightforward, as the game is designed to lead you through each individual facility to get you started on the right path. Try to balance your upgrades – buy the cheapest facility accessible to you, then move onto the next facility category and get that.

You’re not really meant to skip around and buy things out of order, as every single upgrade increases your stars and gets you more tips. Each facility upgrade increases the amount of cod you earn actively or by tips, so every little bit helps.

One thing you should get going as soon as you can are the flowers in the garden. Flower pots can be used to grow flowers and then the flowers can be moved into vases. Vases will eventually reward you with a nice amount of stars to help you level up your restaurant, and you can also use them to equip Hedwig to get new letters.

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For cod generation, Eggy the Handyman is a great staff to max out as soon as you can. He provides a static boost to your cod production, and when maxed out he can earn you lots of cod. Jiji the Waiter will take orders when you’re away from the game, and Apricat the Sweeper will clean up the restaurant automatically.

All three of these staff members will automate the restaurant when you’re away, helping you earn cod even when you’re not playing the game.

Dori the Promoter is a good staff member to raise if you’re an active player. Dori lets you hold down the promo button instead of tapping it rapidly, so it’s helpful if you want to save your finger strength.

Messenger Hedwig is another important staff. Hedwig will fly off on an adventure and take several hours to return, but she may return with some letters. Letters are important to getting stars and unlocking new staff and features.

When you unlock the buffet, Temp Worker Yolkie is a great staff member to have as well. Yolkie increase the amount of plates you get from the buffet which are needed more upgrades.

You should eventually max out your entire staff, but this will definitely take a while. Prioritize these staff at first and then work on whichever staff members are more useful to you.


By the time you have the courtyard unlocked, you should have a decent flow of cod going from your restaurant. Instead of buying more cod producing facilities and decor, you should probably aim for the film producing ones instead, as that is the currency you need to upgrade your promotions.

For facilities, aim for the speakers, tables, and fences, as those will boost your film production whenever you have customers gather. For decor, all of the plants boost your film production, and some of the floor decor does as well.

Of course, if you’re looking to boost your cod production, every other upgrade in the courtyard can take care of that. If you’ve just unlocked the courtyard, we recommend starting with the film boosting facilities so that you can upgrade your promotions.

Have any other upgrades or specific facilities to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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Animal Restaurant: Best Upgrades


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