Things are getting a little festive in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp! To get everyone in the holiday spirit, Jingle the holiday reindeer has come to town to start the Toy Day Decor, now available from November 28th to December 25th! Do not miss your chance to get some holiday decorations!

This event will be split into two phases. The first phase, which starts today, is called “Jingle’s Holly Jolly Roundup”. Jingle is in search of special hat elves, and he’s got nice rewards for anyone who can help him! This phase will start automatically as soon as you enter your camp for the first time.

Jingle will provide you with white-poinsettia seeds for free. Plant them in your garden, then wait for the hat elves to come. The more hat elves you get, the more holiday decor you will receive!

As was the case for the previous event, sharing is encouraged as you and a friend will both benefit from it. Both players will receive goodies, and it helps attract more hat elves, which also go towards the event’s main progress.

Every hat elf you trade into Jingle can net you a bell ornament, the main item of the Toy Day Decor. Bell ornaments are required to craft the special limited time holiday decor, so do not miss out on the first phase of the event! The next phase of the Toy Day Decor event will start early December.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Get started on the holiday festival today!


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