I really hope that when you started playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you really chose the basic details that you really like: gender, hair and eye. I say that because it is impossible (at least for now) to change these later on in the game. UPDATE: YOU CAN! Complete guide below.

But how does the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp character customization work? I spent ages exploring all the areas in the game, trying to find a way to change clothes, but I couldn’t.

Many new players are probably having the same problems and wondering how to change clothes in the game? Well, let me guide you through the process as it is not very difficult once you know where to go.

So… how to change your clothes / appearance in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

Simply tap the “Items” button in the lower left part of the screen, then select the clothes tab. You will be taken to a menu where you will be shown all your clothes:

If you have a lot of each, you can simply narrow them by categories, by simply tapping the corresponding button.

In order to wear an item, simply tap it and select the “Wear” option at the bottom:

Voila! This is it! The difficult part is now over and you know how to change clothes in the game. Boy, it took me ages to find out!

How to get more clothes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

Eventually, we’ll be able to craft our own clothes in the game and I am sure that is going to be extremely fun. But until then, you need to purchase your clothes and be patient when it comes to this.

Simply visit the Market often (every few hours, so that the rotations happen) and you will find some in-game characters selling stuff there, including clothes.

Simply look at the items on sale and if you see one that you like, tap it twice and confirm the purchase. This is it and you only need to have enough regular currency to get them!

Unfortunately, you can’t try the clothes before buying them, but they are not very expensive usually, so you can simply buy and see later if they look good on you.

How to change your appearance in the game?

After one of our readers shared that with me, I was able to find the option too and it’s really simple: just tap the “More” button in the bottom right part of the screen, then tap “Settings”. There, you will find the “Edit character” button that will allow you to change hair style, eyes, hair and color. Superb!



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