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Animal Cove Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Animal Cove Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Animal Cove is an enchanting island filled with all sorts of wonderful animal life… well, until recently though. A mysterious event has ruined the island, and now it’s up to you and your talking animals pals to restore the island and find out what happened in this magical match-3 puzzle adventure. Our Animal Cove cheats and tips will show you how to match like a pro!

Animal Cove is pretty much like all other match-3 games, so get out your puzzle solving skills! Let’s get started with our Animal Cove cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Always work towards the objective!

The golden rule of all match 3 puzzlers is to always be working towards your objective. Most levels will ask you to match a certain piece, so don’t just make random matches whenever you see them. Instead, look for the pieces you need and try to work around those. If you match this, will it create a bomb and help you match that specific piece?

Create lots of bombs!

The main type of special piece in Animal Cove is the bomb. Matching four or more pieces leaves a bomb behind, and the more pieces involved the bigger the bomb’s explosion will be.

Bombs are useful for getting hard-to-reach pieces in awkward positions, or for just clearing out a big chunk of the board. When it doubt, always try to make bombs as they can be useful in just about any situation.

Use Eggs for far off pieces!

Matching four pieces in a square formation will result in an egg of that piece’s color. Matching the egg – or detonating a bomb near it – will hatch it, and a chicken will fly out and automatically match your objective.

Eggs can help you hit those even harder-to-reach pieces that are out of a bomb’s radius, and some levels will even require you to use this strategy. Master the art of the box formation!

Conserve your moves!

Like all match-3 games, Animal Cove rewards you when you conserve your moves. Every move you have left over when you reach your goal is turned into a bomb at a random spot on the board. You can get a lot of bonus coins this way, so try to play smart and use as little moves as you can!

Take advantage of Thundercloud!

Detonating bombs will fill Thundercloud’s meter at the bottom left. When it’s full, he’ll join the party by randomly spawning in on the board! Matching him with a piece will instantly match all pieces of that corresponding color on the board. He’s a super powerful item, so try to get him a lot by matching lots of bombs!

Mix special pieces for devastating effects!

Special pieces are great on their own, but as the game teaches you they can be even more helpful when mixed together. Matching bombs with each other and create chain reactions, and you can even match bombs and eggs together, which will make the resulting chicken detonate with power equal to the bomb used to match. Matching bombs with Thundercloud can leave behind multiple bombs! The possibilities and endless!

That’s all for Animal Cove! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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