Fans of the Angry Birds series will be really happy to know that the new entry of the series, Angry Birds Transformers, has finally received a final release date for iOS devices.

Rovio has confirmed this morning that the game will be released on the App Store on October 15th in all regions. The company has also confirmed that the game is now available in soft-launch mode in new Zealand and Finland and that it will soon be available in Australia and Canada.

Angry Birds Transformers has been revealed a few months ago. The game will play quite differently from other entries of the series, as Angry Birds Transformers will be a platform game where players will control the Autobirds, avoiding obstacles as well as destroying enemies and more. Being a free to play game, we should expect upgrading, multiple currencies and more.

Rovio has also confirmed a while back that a new line of Telepod toys will be released together with the game. The toys will be supported by the new game just like in Angry Birds: Star Wars II and Angry Birds Go.

Angry Birds Transformers will be released on the App Store on October 15th in all regions. The game is already available in soft-launched mode in select territories.



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