Angry Birds Transformers Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Unlock All Transformers


Rovio have lust launched the highly anticipated Angry Birds Transformers game and so far I can say that I am totally hooked on it. Chances are that you can say the same thing, but at the same time you’re probably having problems collecting all the Pigs required to unlock new areas, getting more coins in the game and mastering the stages. If that’s the case, I am here to share with you a complete set of Angry Birds Transformers cheats and tips for a perfect strategy in the game, one that will help you unlock everything as fast as possible.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out Touch Tap Play’s Angry Birds Transformers tips and cheats below!

It’s all about the correct targeting
Just like in a regular Angry Birds game, targeting the weakest link on the structure is what you should do. Look at the structures you’re facing and hit the spot that will cause the most damage: usually, the glass tiles are the best choice, but if they are poorly placed and taking them down wouldn’t bring down the entire structure, it might be wisest to go for the wooden ones. TNT crates are no brainers, so always go for them when you see them (and sometimes look for signs that they are hidden – usually behind large, square glass bits).

Know everything about your Transformers
They all have different stats and approaches to the game: Optimus in quick, for example, but weak when shooting. Soundwave has a more powerful shot, but it recharges slower. All transformers have different stats and you should know them before starting a mission in order to use their advantages to the maximum.

Always upgrade Transformers
It’s pretty difficult to know which Transformer to upgrade (since they might be required for a missions), but the golden rule of thumb is to upgrade them all in the order you’re getting them. While one is upgraded, you still have the others available for missions, so it doesn’t really matter that much which one is stuck. Look on the map, if you have more missions available and see which Transformers are required to take part in them, then start upgrading the Transformer that’s not needed (or the one that’s getting a “Hard” difficulty on a mission in order to beat it).

Target priority
I know that it’s extremely spectacular to blow off the TNT boxes in the background and bag on the coins, but pigs that shoot at you should be your main priority: the flying ones, for example, can only be shot directly, so you should take care of them first. Then focus on bringing down other pigs that can cause you damage and only in the end take care of the pigs that just stand there and do nothing.

Want more coins? Shoot everything!
The more destruction you cause, the more coins you will get in Angry Birds Transformers. From floating toys to structures in the background, everything that can be shot and destroyed will give you extra coins. A bonus comes from the Golden Boxes which give you even more coins than regular targets.

Use your doublers smartly!
You can sometimes watch a video to double your mission’s rewards. I know that you are tempted to go for this as soon as it’s available, but don’t rush things as you will not be able to do this every time you play. Instead, wait to get a really nice mission with a solid reward, both in terms of pigs and coins and only then get the mission doubler. You get more bang for your time!

Use your partners smartly!
It seems that you have to be smart on many occasions when playing the game. Such is the case of summoning a partner, which can really help you throughout a mission if you bring them in at the right time. And a right time will be that moment when the screen is swamped with enemies and structures that you can’t take out alone. Bring the friend in and their transformer will make a great entrance damaging (or completely destroying) all structures and pigs around. Plus, they will stick around for a while, helping you shoot things down. The higher the level of the friend’s Transformer, the better for you!

Check out the health before a mission
A thing that most players usually ignore before starting a mission is their Transformer’s health. It is shown right after you tap the icon to start a mission, above the Play button. If your Transformer’s health is not full, you might want to wait it out to have a clear shot at winning the missions.

Even more coins in Angry Birds Transformers
Sometimes, you will only need a bunch of extra coins in the game and I found a way of getting there a bit faster: fail a mission. If you fail, all the pigs you have collected will be reset to zero, but you will get to keep all the coins and you will be allowed to replay the same mission (so it doesn’t go away like with other missions). The downside here is that you can’t replay it right away because your Transformer’s health will be depleted and recharging costs more than you are getting, but you can wait and get some extra coins too next time you play. It’s a waiting game anyway and any bonus that you can get is pretty useful!

These would be for now our Angry Birds Transformers cheats and tips and we really hope that you can find them useful and they will help you unlock all the characters in the game faster than anybody else. If you have other strategies that work, let us know by commenting below!

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Angry Birds Transformers Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Unlock All Transformers


  1. Summoning a friend at the right time: once the ship flys overhead, you can’t summon your friend. However, if the ship flys overhead while your friend is summoned, they will stick around until the end of the level…

  2. Same here.i am playing it for 2-3 days but i am stuck at the same map.till now i have only three charactera red,chuck & chef pig.what should i do to go to further levels and unlock new character.plzzzz if u know the solution rply me.

  3. I’m playing this game for a few days, it’s kinda fun. I’m trying to reach level 25 now.
    I just think that:
    1. You can only upgrade one transformer at time and it’s so boring.
    2. The “watch the video for double pigs” option isn’t always available for no reason.
    3. My iPhone 5S gets really hot when I’m playing this game.

  4. Ikr i have played for 5 days nd no progress is there same level nly
    but i frequently get doublers
    it happens nly wen u connect to the internet buddy
    moreover the jenga level is free wen u upgrade all ur transformers to the max
    cause i have got it
    nd mine also becomes hot the phone

      • Because they crank up the difficulty just to try and make you spend money to upgrade quicker. Just work through it, if it’s an impossibly hard level just try and run through it for the most part without worrying about getting coins, or else upgrade that one bird so you can pass it. They’re not all crazy hard, they’ll be easier again later.

    • It’s because when you get to the one level you need to shoot that red thing to open up the unlock the space type bridge hologram bridge same thing otherwise it doesn’t pop up and you keep falling I even tried it with Starscream and I still fell so you have to hit that and take it slow that’s why you die right away I’m at 200 and 20 something or 30 something 230 something but its not letting me upgrade my characters any more than last three headed character blue I wish they’d get back to me and let me know why its not upgrading but I left replies like this and stuff and I’ve not got messages back from the company yet guess they are making too much money to deal with the small stuff right away but I don’t play it but maybe 1 to 5% as much as they used to say used to take up 90% of my battery now it takes up like 10 that’s how much I used to play it but it’s so screwed up and now let me upgrade that no one’s getting back to me at the company so it makes me not want to play it if they listen to us that’d work out and sorry for the long text but I’m using a voice thing so it’s very easy for me to just say it lol anyways hope this helps.

  5. I have not completed the game yet ! Will update the rest when i have done so ! Forgive me for lack of organisation !
    Tips –
    1. Dont open up all your transformers as doing so will mean that you have to distribute your coins among all of them upgrading them ! Instead focus on a few transformers you like to get a nicely updated team- bludgeon is my fav ! However you might consider releasing some of transformers when you need to level up your rank in order to access new areas coz transformers at low levels cost less to upgrade!
    2. Keep collecting the coins ! Maximum coin collection in one area is 400 and takes about 3 and a half hours to refill. Thats why explore even if u are not releasing transformers ! You get new areas for coin collection and missions.
    3. Keep transformers health full ! Playing a mission is only useful if you are able to to win it without losing much of health ! So focus on preventing damage to ur transformer during the level ! Every mission must result in a profit.
    4. Dont use gems to skip time ! You can use them as replacement for coins if you dont have enough monry for an upgrade ! I find them more useful that way !
    5. Hard levels are longer , and later on almost always have walking mortar towers! However they are also good occasions for earning a lot of loot compared to other levels ! Do easy levels before medium or hard because you have less chances of losing health in an easy level.
    6. In game – target the bases of tower , TNTs . Flying targets and shooting targets should be taken care of first ! It is possible to miss getting hit by piggy rockets by quickly transforming into vehicle and back as the rocket shooting piggy try to match ur speed !
    7. Walking mortar towers – if u are low level try to save ur life ! When the fireball is just shot is when you must transform ! Into a vehicle or walker ! Shields reflect the fireballs but the fireball in question must fall directly on top of ur transformer ! If it falls near u in your path u get a damage ! Dont forget to call your buddy to your aid !
    If you think u can kill it then try to have energon shield saved up and try to get the fireball right on you head ! Activate right when u r just about to get hit by the fireball to maximise the time of shield ! Higher the level of ur transformer earlier pops the weasel :-) ! I once saw a level 10 buddy blast a mortar tower in one shot ! Hence the usefullness of leveling up !!
    8. Energon airstrike – i dont like it much ! Doesnt do much at all ! It causes guided evading missiles that are not too near ur transformers to blast ! It also causes walking mortar tower fireballs to blast off before they touch u ! If you change into a vehicle as soon as u activate the energon strike , the area hit by missiles increases though u will miss a lot of loot too unless ur energon strike was three energon block level !
    9. Individual transformers –
    Optimus Prime – weak attack , though quick. Good for TNT targetting , and killing pigs !
    Bumblebee- weak as hell ! Rockets destroy wood but killing even pigs is difficult with it ! Mostly my strategy with bumble bee is to run while preventing any damage to it :D ! As i said before use energon airstrike with vehicle mode to maximise damage ! And those straight piggy rockets can also b dodged by quickly transforming into a vehicle and then back ! One small thing i forgot to mention is that in a vehicle mode if u try to shoot a target by tapping , you will switch back to walking mode ! Saves some time ! Also when u switch back into walking mode u get a bit of momentum ! So u can switch back a bit earlier to begin shooting !
    Soundwave- bit tricky ! Attack is strong but reloqd speed is slow like hell ! Hence this guy can not shoot more than one guided missile and that too by saving its shot ! So either take it like a man or have shields saved up ! Try to not to get scrambled if you are near a falling monolith ! Good for massing coins as the wide area attack destroys all the wood , glass and later on after upgrades concrete too! Has some from problem with flying targets , the flyin piggy you target will get only half damage while those around it will get destroyed !
    Ultra Magnus – nothing special – has a lot of shouts in a round but takes time to reload a round
    Bludgeon- my favorite ! Quick strong shots which spread out into a fan ! Great for destroying wood , glass , nice against guided scrambling missiles !

  6. Im a level 175. Put your device on airplane mode so date dont change automaticaly. Change the date one day up. Repeat, repeat… And get 21×400 coins each day u changed. After picking the coins also go to upgrade and back. Every 2 date changes u get gems. Remember when u finish what date u used last. U only get 21x back from that date. So next time u cheat, start from that date. Im still waiting for the coming soon updates.

    • You have to upgrade your characters which will raise your overall level which is posted in the upper left corner. Once you raise you overall level then you can purchase with coins to clear new fog areas

  7. I’m at level 200. U can not get higher at this time. Still have 5 transformers that are not available.. The only way to clear up fog is by releasing the transformers trapped in the glas /ice blocks. Now u can only wait for the “coming soon” update. That’s why u must stock up on Coins and try killing more pigs before the upgrade comes. They must now be aware of the time cheat. So i think they will try to block it.
    No idea what u mean about pink shields. Only pink things u get is when u destroy an electric building and get a pink cube for power up.
    Hope this helpen u all!

    • I am still waiting for more of piggy island too unlock. I am at level 230 now. Getting frustrated cause I would love to play some new levels and areas. Did you have any luck unlocking new parts of the island?

  8. Hey pacman I am not at highest level but at lowest having 6 7 stages..and 3 transformers only…more area cannot be explored I tried every way even reinstalled this game if you can help me….the game is fun but bugs make it a bad

  9. Do u play on a pc. I only play on ipad iOS 8. And i know there are bugs on iOS 7. So that might be the problem.
    I’m still on level 200. No updates yet. I guess u will have to play and keep upgrading your transformers. Only when u upgrade them, u can free up smoke space. U must try to free all of them. Except the last 5 that are not posible yet. Hope this helped u out

  10. The more space u free up, the more places to pick up Coins u have. That’s why u must free all transformers (except the last five) before u do the time cheat. That’s how u get 21x 400 Coins every date change.

  11. But dont play games while doing that. It took me 3 weeks time cheating every day whitout playing. To get al my transformers at Max level before playing on the correct date again. Because if u return tho the original date, the game will make u play every area before it will let u collect from that area in the future. Now i can only collect Coins from 6 area’s.
    I dont play the game anymore untill the update arrives, because it gets boring if u can’t go further..
    So we ‘ll see when it comes…

    • Comment:i am at level 187 now and no additional map for explore and no additional transformer to rescue anymore. is it really up to that level only?

  12. I love the Game and haven’t spent a cent on it. I’m at 178 now. Sometime the game is glitchy, when you keep getting killed real fast and can’t figure out why, just destroy the level and let it reset. I would level your rooms in order of cheapest up. Hold the doubles for the right time, I’ve had as much as 50k coins when timed Properly.

  13. You unlock new areas by increasing your rank. You increase your rank by upgrading your characters. Always boost your buddy if you can because even some of the “easy” events are really tough! Pick a complimentary buddy, and a steong one. On harder events, go for the best type of buddy who has the longest time with you. A level two energon grimlock for 10 seconds is betterin a medium, hard, or very hard event than a level 10 optimus prime.

  14. Hi. I am at rank 171 but for very long time never got explore new areas. The last areas explored when i was at rank 150 i think. Pls help me. What is wrong

  15. im at 165 level got all the transforers at level 7 excpt for a couple are 8&9s cant get nothing around the metal dome or the mountain to clear the fog wat is going on with this game? i play on a tablet been playin since dec. and cant get any farther other than still playing med hard and a easy or to pop up so wats goin on with the game can anybody explain it to me? im a first time gamer an im 37 got a late start lol! my wife got me startd on it now im hookd!

  16. Hi everyone, im at level 8 … And to shank I am having the same troubles, I go to the mountains that it points me to go to and it says I need to complete my download, at 80%, check internet connection, … Then to everyone it says I need to use materials to upgrade, but where are these materials that I can’t have or can’t access but do have? Do I need to reinstall the game? Any suggestions please and thank you!! ???

  17. I am stuck on a level!

    I have 3 Transformers!!!!
    and can’t explore the fog

    Till which level I have to upgrade!


    Want some coins:-
    Change your date and skip 1 day.
    You will get 400 coins from each area you have conquered (not that area which have a mission or area charging/charged by eggbots)

  18. I’m at level 272 and all my transformers are at level 9 and 10, I have 62000 pigs but the fog around the mountain still won’t clear.

    I love this game but starting to get bored now as I can’t progress.

    Any tips?

  19. There is a code section in tje settings… has anyone actually found a code that really works. I have looked for ways and they all seem to be lies. Hacks don’t work no link is ever actually given. Found some “codes” but they are written out wrong as the code has a – after the first 5 and these have it after the first 2 letters

  20. i download and install angry birds transformers for tablet also copy obb file in correct place of that but when i run the game in first time downloading appeare but in 95% of downloading game reply “fail because of internet connection pls check it and reply again” …. pls. help me about of this error

  21. With all of the other angry birds I knew when I beat the game. With this one I’m not sure lol. I unlocked megatron, no new areas seem to be opening (only half the island) despite having upgraded several more times…I do have a few more transformer slots left but they seem to be the ones you get in missions or as bonuses soon…is it over? Did I win?

  22. Ok so I’m at level 230. I’ve unlocked two full pages of transformers, only a few more left to get… BUT I did read somewhere. No idea where that once ALL the transformers you have are unlocked and at lvl ten then the cloud around the mountain peaks unlocks… Majority of my transformers are level 7-9 and the rest level 10 upwards… I’m getting bored of this now and feel like just giving up …. Please help

  23. MzProps, I am with you my friend. I’m going go keep playing but if I upgrade all my transformers to 10 and the clouds around the peak don’t disappear, well I am going to be po’d.

  24. im levelev 240 have piggs some of transformers are 9 10 or level 11 but can not clear fog around mountains and have 78k of piggs its innoin… help

  25. It’s a very simple solution that I have discovered….it isn’t about your rank I was at lv 310 before the clouds around the mountains disappeared. All’s you have to do is unlock every squad and upgrade a hole(4 player) BONUS SQUAD to level 15 and collect all 48 energicons……. Then the clouds leave 7 bad ass very hard challenging but extremely fun levels open up……..
    I have not yet figured out how to open the door to what I’m guessing goes inside the mountain……. Does anybody know how to open the door ?????and to where does the door go??? Please help

  26. Thank you for this info. 1 am at level 230 and stuck working on getting my players leveled up as fast as I can. But over 2 pages of players is taking some time.


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