A new gameplay teaser is now available for Angry Birds Stella, the new entry of the Angry Birds series launching soon on the App Store in all regions.

As expected out of a teaser, the new Angry Birds Stella video showcases some really short gameplay sequences, highlighting the new characters and new special powers included in the game. The new colorful locations also add a certain something to the game, making it even more charming than before.


Angry Birds Stella will feature a new set of characters and new gameplay features. Even with all the additions, Angry Birds Stella will still feel like a familiar experience, as the core gameplay experience hasn’t been revolutionized. The game also features a brand new setting called the Golden Island, which is going to make the game feel fresh, as far as the setting is concerned.

Angry Birds Stella is also going to be compatible with new Hasbro Telepod figures, just like previous games of the franchise like Angry Birds Go!. The figures, however, will not be required to play and enjoy the game. Check out the newly released trailer:

Angry Birds Stella will be released on the App Store on September 4th. The release date is now closer than ever so get your virtual slingshots ready for the mayhem!



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