Angry Birds Space, one of the many entries of the series created by Rovio now available for purchase on the App Store, has received a new update today, which include some new stages and features.

The new stages are 30 new ones which have been included in the Brass Hogs chapter. This chapter also comes with sets of daily challenges that help players unlocking new stages in the chapter upon completion.

The new additions of the Angry Birds Space latest update don’t end here. The update also include Wingman as a Power-Up, tew new achievements and the Mirror Worlds, which is probably the biggest addition of the update.

Mirror Worlds will require players to complete each regular level with three stars to get unlocked. Those who find completing stages with three stars too difficult also have the option to unlock all Mirror Worlds instantly by purchasing a $5.99 IAP. There are 260 worlds to unlock and complete so there’s quite a lot to do even if they are unlocked through this IAP.

Angry Birds Space is now available for purchase on the App Store. The new update is now available for download so make sure to download it if you’re craving for some more Angry Birds action.



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