Angry Birds POP, one of the many Angry Birds games now available on the App Store, has recently received a brand new update adding a variety of content that will make those still playing the game quite happy.

The new Angry Birds POP update comes with 45 new levels and two new areas called Cloudy Peaks and Love Lagoon. These new stages further extend the game’s length and so they should be appreciated by all fans of the game.

The new update also adds a brand new character, the Shakira Bird. This new character is based on the Columbian singer Shakira and comes with a unique special ability that allows the character to turn bubbles into extra turns, a really handy ability that will make some stage way easier than before.

Angry Birds POP is now available for download on the App Store in all regions. The new update is also available for download right now in all regions so make sure to get it as soon as possible if you’re still enjoying Angry Birds POP and its puzzle game formula and want to experience the new content as soon as possible.



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