Angry Birds Match Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The birds are back, and they’re angrier than ever! Angry Birds Match takes the beloved short-tempered birds and puts them in a match-3 puzzle game! Instead of random special pieces, you’ll get the birds themselves and you can fling them around just like in the original game! With the help of our Angry Birds Match cheats and tips, you’ll be rescuing the hatchlings in no time!

Angry Birds Match is a nice change of pace to the franchise – we had a lot of fun with it! We hope you do too, and if you’re having some trouble, read up on our Angry Birds Match cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Always go for the special birds!

What would an Angry Birds themed game be without the signature birds? Three of your favorite angry birds star in Angry Birds Match, and they are incredibly helpful for reaching your goal.

  • Red, the most iconic bird, is created when you match four pieces together. You can sling Red up, down, left, or right and he’ll destroy any pieces (and pigs) in the way! Think of him like the line bomb power up that is common in most match-3 puzzle games.
  • Chuck, the yellow speedster, is created when you match multiple pieces in a “L” shape. Chuck functions exactly like Red, but he’ll blast off in all four directions no matter which way you choose!
  • Bomb, the explosive giant, is created when you match five pieces together. Bomb functions exactly like red, but he covers three columns/rows instead of just one. He’s great for clearing out clumped up objectives!

It’s okay to use a lot of moves!

If you can get through a level without using too many moves, great! You’ll be rewarded with extra coins at the end. If you do end up using a lot of moves, don’t sweat it! Angry Birds Match doesn’t feature levels that have high score stars in them, meaning you don’t need to reach certain score thresholds to get stars. The coins are just an extra bonus, so don’t worry if you use too many moves!

Buy extra outfits!

Each hatchling has their own set of adorable outfits. The best part about them is that each outfit you unlock gives you a permanent coin bonus to the end of each level. The more outfits you have unlocked for your hatchlings, the more coins you’ll earn! Each hatchling has two outfits you can buy with coins, but the others must be found from the chests. It’s expensive initially, but you’ll be earning lots of coins in the long run!

Break the obstacles first!

Once you reach the second world, you’ll start to encounter crates. Crates need to be “hit” twice before they break, and they do nothing but get in the way of your objectives and other pieces. If you come into a level that has a big clump of crates blocking off a good section of the board, it’s best if you clear that as soon as possible. The more pieces on the board, the more options you’ll have, so you don’t want to limit yourself too much.

Save your gems for the Premium chest!

The Premium chest costs 20 gems and has 2 star outfits, random currency, and random boosters. Try to save your gems for these, as the outfits are the main things you’ll want. More outfits means more coins in the long run – remember that! That also means that you’ll be able to open the Basic chests more often too! If you’re lucky enough, you might earn some of the gems back.

That’s all for Angry Birds Match! If you’ve got any other bird flinging, puzzle matching tips or tricks or tips to share, sound off in the comments below!

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Angry Birds Match Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. How do you get all of the boosters whether red,yellow or black to activate all together as it shows this v in the videos but I haven’t been able to. .tyvm


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